hiiii 💙 [25F]

2022.01.17 01:47 gbabyxoxoxoxo hiiii 💙 [25F]

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2022.01.17 01:47 Spaced-Cowboy Should I Read Season of Storms before I start the games or after?

So I’ve heard that Season of atoms is like a goodbye letter to Geralt and even though it takes place earlier in the timeline it’s better to read it last.
Right now I’m currently starting on the books and planning to experience through the entire series as if it were one continuity. Books, Comics and Games.
So I was just wondering for people who have already done so do you think season of storms would have the same impact if I read it once I finished the games or should I read it once I’ve finished the books?
Right now my order looks like this:

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2022.01.17 01:47 RandomWWEClips Priscilla Kelly / Gigi Dolin licking the championship

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2022.01.17 01:47 BakingPizza4life The Cowboys lose and they continue to put their still shot in my teaser screen. Wake up turn on ESPN these cunts aka cowboys. Its nauseating.Dallas this Dallas that. what have these little cocksuckers done lately? fuck em. suck my shit.

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2022.01.17 01:47 throwawayacct4991 Imma let u finish, but meme JH is the best JH of alltime

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2022.01.17 01:47 Ovenfaced That post gym dip

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2022.01.17 01:47 Longjumping_Proof330 Bonuses for 1 Day / 7 Day / 14 Day

Is there any way of knowing how much of the liquidity in a pool is delegated to the 1/7/14 day pool? It occurred to me that even though the bonuses in the 14-day pool are the highest in all cases, there may be much less invested in the 7-day pool.
For instance, the bonuses available in 14-day are 30M STARS and 7-day is 15M STARS, but if there is 1/4 the amount of liquidity in the 7-day pool holders in that pool would get 2X the bonus.
I'm going to be testing the pools and using some logic to figure out what % of the liquidity is committed to each pool and the relative APR % tied to each pool in some of the highest paying pools if anyone is interested in knowing how they compare.
Share thoughts and predictions below, and if you have any other hacks to figure this out, please share.
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2022.01.17 01:47 jhwarthog1 [WTB] Magpul CTR Black (MO)

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2022.01.17 01:47 xXPx_ Swapped around 11b rs3 to 07 with Brad. Smooth and speedy transactions.

10/10 have always recommended
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2022.01.17 01:47 maillarys Who’s somebody you still think about even though you’ve lost contact with them?

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2022.01.17 01:47 Willing-Clock-8884 Lucy International TRAILER 1 (2014) - Scarlett Johansson, Choi Min-sik Movie HD

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2022.01.17 01:47 driftingbout2- i wanted to know if this is just me but can anyone else read in a car i dont have any problems

i get sick and feel like i will throw up if theres freebeeze things that u clip on youre vents
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2022.01.17 01:47 SuccessPlenty What burg.l chip is this? It’s not the pond one because I already have that one. (Sorry for bad quality)

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2022.01.17 01:47 dogebistro Buying dupes on Aliexpress from a small brand

Hi, today I found an exact replication of a tank top I really wanted on Ali. However, it's a dupe from a small brand which makes me hesitant to buy. What are your guys thoughts on buying dupes from small brands?
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2022.01.17 01:47 Iworkformycat27 90 Day Fiance, Before the 90 Days, Burns and Betrayals, An Episode Review

Bak, Bkkawak, kawk, kawk! Bwkak-uction, Bwkakak, bawk bwkakak, bwkak! Bwkakk? Bwkakawk? Bwakakw, Bwkakwk. Bawk Bwkak, Bwkakak kak? Bwkaka! Bw…
That was a nice dump, I…Not David Murphey?
Not David Murphey…
You know that they don’t-
Alina and Caleb
Alina has been…19’ed out of the Friend Zone. Caleb could use some scientific tips though, or at least a copy of “Sex With Not Average Sized People For Dummies”, maybe he can find a copy at The Grand Bazaar. While Alina spills tea and drinks tea with Elijah, who has been, in the area? Was he a pillow? We will never know. And Caleb might never know that Alina was still seeing someone when she was talking to him, hiding their love by crawling into cabinets, under beds, anywhere she’d fit really and illicitly communicate with Caleb.
But in a franchise first she realizes, hold on, not yet, are the confetti cannons ready? I want to see some backflips, tell the marching band, what, then fix the float, I will, duct tape is fine. Drum roll please….MAYBE LYING IS A BAD IDEA! Shoot off the confetti cannons, and we are marching, stick that landing! Flag twirlers twirl, I want to see some action! Alina realizes that honesty is the best policy! Oh, unicycles, that look uncomfortable.
Dancers dance like this chicken he, he gets it. Lying is bad, very, very bad, for your relationship. Wave at the confused people! This is progress.
Kim and Usman
Kim is ready to be present, for a video shoot, this is what…although she could be a Fly Girl- not in the Geena Davis sense, she just has a big butt. She is ready to take on the CURSE OF APOLLO, and discover the true meaning of African time. She is going to win this extended Flavor of Love date, and crush her Mifager audition, Boss Lady Kim.
This annoys Soja Boy’s team but the star isn’t complaining, was he supposed to shoot this video naked? Is this for OnlyFans? Also, Zara is a general term for…Zaras, Usman really loves, designer-ish clothing, yeah, five more hours to go. If anyone disrespects my wah-man! I mean, Feminist Santa, I mean, Kim is helping. And her magic spelling is working, soon Soja Boy will be hers! Or, he isn’t just using her is he? That would be terrible.
Memphis and Hamza
Memphis is a slow pooper, which is a fact…is she still pooping? Understandable, perhaps she needs more fiber..is she, yay, she’s fine. What a great use of filler footage. What other secrets is she hiding? Hamza didn’t know this before, does she come from a family of slow poopers? Crackheads, oh, does that mean that they poop faster? That is really sad though, did Jus d’Orange literally make it into English like divorce? By the way, I lied about nothing.
(Pregnant Pause)
In a shocking twist, Hamza lied about something- his age, he is a 26 year old baby man! Does he even poop? Did he go to college, at least he could steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula! I can’t even read this diploma, is Arabic a real language? Marriage paperwork! He must swear on these Moose bedsheets, as they do in Alaska, that he will no longer tell lies. Otherwise the Mooses…will travel across the Ocean, and then…they know how to use Uber.
A moose once bit Memphis’s sister, she was carving her initials into the moose with the sharpened end of an interspace toothbrush given to her by Svenge, her brother-in-law, an Oslo Dentist…okay maybe she was on crack, but moose bites can be very nasty. I hope that one doesn’t keep us from getting to the embassy next week.
Gino and Jasmine
Jasmine takes her man child to the gym to berate him and train him to be quiet. Surprise, he is getting her a $2,500 vacation! Also she will burn his house down. Because she’s really passionate about home decorating…AND NOT WANTING TO PAINT MEANS THAT YOU’RE STILL F’ING YOUR WHORE EX-EIFE!!! Why does he make her look crazy? She has a tattoo proclaiming their love, which was not a mistake!
Gino realizes that he should have seen, heard, smelled, felt, tasted, been warned by ghosts, of the signs. But deep down inside, Jasmine is just a scared Velociraptor, animal, I mean…she is very sensitive. She can’t stand to what nice things about his life, good things that have happened to him, fun times, the people he has loved, the people who have loved him- that is abuse and she is leaving, unless Gino slows down, and gives her time, space, HIS ETERNAL SOUL, and all of his money. There’s still hope…she won’t do anything to get back at him, for breathing!
Ben and Mahogany
Atahathum, (assumes position) New David Murphy! (Sweet Denzel Crocker Dance Moves). Ben is a pastor, much like Ben, who is also…(Stares into the void) Yaehhhh! Anyway, why can’t this 52 year old hunk find love, he is such…an ex-fundie Duggar Baptist, who is struggling with dating after his divorce. But he has found love, with Mahogany, who is a real person, and only 28 years younger than him. There are definitely no signs…SHE HAS ALL THE SIGNS!!! She isn’t like that African man who was catfishing him- Mykul will seriously do anything to get to this country. He also might have asked him for a loan, but God is guiding him…GOD IS DEAD. And if he has to spend $1,000 to prove that she is real, and not do a simple free reverse image search. That is impossible.
Ben is ready to announce his newest mid-life crisis to his family, and thank Jesus for hot dogs, may he reveal himself to them through the wonder and mystery of this wondrous mystery meat. And when his family hears the news…well…THEY EMBRACE THE POWER AND WARMTH OF ALL MIGHTY SATAN, PRINCE OF DARKNESS, ENDOWER OF MYSTICAL GIFTS AND- Question his interpretation of events. SATAN GETS YOU FREE HBO MAX, COME, COME TO SATAN! Excuse me, but Ben is going to Peru dammit, and using a seriously cursed language app, so that he can express his love…what, next week she’s telling him not to, that’s a sign.
Mike and Ximena
Ximena is taking Mike on a trip to a coffee farm, to rehash the bebe conversation. They can always get a potato, put a futbol jersey on it, so at least Mike can be a Papa to a papa, but Mike wants a real bebe. He’ll take care of her boys though, because he is a family man. There are ways…no more secrets though, that the producers don’t approve of. What was that plant that you gave me?
Whatever it was it inspired him to book a romantic getaway to Salento, mostly for sex but also getting to know Ximena, keplah! And Ximena has led a spicy life, she once dated a hitman who killed her and had her imprisoned, but she hasn;t heard from him recently…look at this view. He is definitely gone. Also that is like so her last secret secreto secret. Everything is fine.
I give this episode 4.8/5 stars. It, was, good. The highlight was (assumes position) NEW DAVID MURPHEY!!! (Sweet Denzel Crocker Dance Moves), what a treat this journey will be, although Jasmine and Ximena really tried, that man has baggage. But maybe Ella should trust in God like him, and let God take down the Chinese Communist…what’s that? They outlawed God? Sorry Ella, but you know publicity. And next week their journeys continue. What an undying dumpster fire.
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2022.01.17 01:47 UpsetEmu5131 can anyone help me figure this out??

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2022.01.17 01:47 SensFan29YT [H] 50$ UberEats CAD [W] 70% PayPal

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2022.01.17 01:47 zaskobos Why API is there any alternative

I'm new to web dev I know about frontend and back end but i don't know how they get data from each other I did some research about it and found out that there is something known as APIs used what I've learned from some search is that there are two types of API Rest and graphql
I have few questions

  1. are there any alternative
  2. Are there any other APi other then Rest and Graphql
  3. What Can you use to retrieve big data like videos and images can we use API too or are there any alternative?
  4. If there is no other alternative to API then does that mean YouTube uses same API to retrieve videos
Can you help me please thanks 😊
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2022.01.17 01:47 enumeler Am I too racist that I do not even try to help Kali Linux user

Whenever I see someone ask for help regarding any problem, the first thing I ask them is what distro they use, even when I know its irrelevant to ask about their distro, I ask, why? Because their choice of distro decides whether I am going to help them or not.
Now no, I am not rude towards Kali users or anything but if you are using a hacker type distro, why ask a noob like me? Ask other hackers.
And I feel like this is what many people think. I understand that even a professional pentesters may not know something I know. But at the same time, that name Kali has so bad reputation among help vampire community that you better get off it.
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2022.01.17 01:47 Playful_Ad_8198 Becca the lil cutie 🥵

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2022.01.17 01:47 BhadGalRayRay Any Reditors living near train stations/train tracks… how bad is the noise?

My boyfriend and I are wanting to move into an apartment in Parramatta really close to Westfield. All of the apartments we like that are in great walking distance to the shops I’ve noticed are also really close to parramatta train station/train tracks. I want to know how bad the sound will be? And will it make a difference how high up I am? First time moving out of home… so we are absolutely clueless!
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2022.01.17 01:47 Isbo2000 oofies

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2022.01.17 01:47 Glug1252 Managed to find a little bit of mud in the desert today.

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2022.01.17 01:47 EliasibMarin98 Wanna have some fun?

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2022.01.17 01:47 ledhotzepper Oberhofer - Dreaming Of U (Official Video)

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