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Caesars $300 bonus

2022.01.17 00:43 P-Rags Caesars $300 bonus

So I bet all of the bonus, it’s about to win. 1. Do I need to place my own money and wager to then be able to get the bonus 2. Is there a certain amount of my own money that I might need to wager
Just lookin for a concrete answer
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2022.01.17 00:43 SinoBot Study: China now leads the world in natural science papers

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2022.01.17 00:43 KikuSmi How do I customize my lighting in my keyboard

How do I customize my lighting in my keyboard So i've been using gigaware k28 for a while now and one time i was getting tilted and accidentally pressed some key that changed the light layout of this particular mode in the picture
if anyone knows how i can customize the lightings please do so and tell me
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2022.01.17 00:43 GRDNGCKO Watch "Coming in Hot" on YouTube

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2022.01.17 00:43 tnturk7 When was a time the customer was definitely wrong?

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2022.01.17 00:43 0hubright22 16F looking for some new friends

Hii I’m suppose to be studying for midterms but I’m very lazy so ig I’m looking for people to chat with :3
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2022.01.17 00:43 KobeDeAlges Girlfriend (26f) stopped responding me (27m), and turns out she was drinking and doing lines with her ex …

So, this is a tough one, and first know this; - we are together for 6 months - defined that would not label us as boyfriend girlfriend but still have every right without the label - we agreed, obviously, that she should continue friends with her ex, as she was before the relationship (but I tought more like in a “meet by accident and talk a little“ type thing)
So, I was out of the city for one day, after being with her in my house for a couple of days, as we normally do, she was going to a show with her sister. I was also out with friends in another town and at like 5 am I texted her when I got to the hotel. She answered and we exchanged a couple of messages, she said she had also been out drinking and Out of nowhere she stops replying, as I was saying something important. So when I was about to sleep I said something like “tommorow when u wake up tell me something “
Next day at like 13:00 I still didn’t have news and called our friend which we were supposed to meet later that day. She told me she hadn’t heard anything a from my gf but she was expecting us. My gf replied at 17:00 saying she had been sleeping late, Sunday classics.
I thinked nothing of it and we set up to meet in my studio and ditch her friend so we could rest. I also told her I would take her to our friend house the next day.
When we are at the studio before leaving at like 00:00 she tells me she had been with her ex the night before, to which I said “ok no problem.. you can tell Me in the car about your night “ as we exited. She waits for me to start driving in the highway to say she had to go to her ex house to get something for her friend (this I know is true) and she ended up staying there drinking and doing some lines with him and 2 other long time friends of hers who I don’t know personally.
So.. I started timelining it kind of, and she told me also she had stayed with them Until 7am, as she stopped replying at like 5.10.. she also said things in the line of “this can’t be a problem ii did absolutely nothing wrong” I got frustrated but spoke calmly, and after some reflection , already at the house, told her that nobody would be totally ok in this situation, but the thing that hurt me the most was the fact she could have told me way before, but she waited for me to be “trapped” in my house far away with he, when she knows I like to deal with these situations alone, and think about stuff. Also told her I didn’t feel like talking to her about other stuff as everything was normal, and that I should have stayed in the studio with my friends and she at her home so I can deal Better and that I think I worry more about her well-being than she does with mine, as I normally think about not doing stuff that I know hurt her. I am like this because of the not responding, for like 12 hours I because I would like her to not want to stay in her ex house totally not sober until 7am
she kind of stood there looking at me the rest of the night and I felt like she was poking me with a stick saying “deal with this”
We slept there, and in the morning I took her to her friends house and went on to do my own stuff as I didn’t felt like being with her at that time.
Now at 1 am she texted saying she is really well resolved (I don’t doubt it , and that she feels she did nothing wrong and that she didn’t know this was going to be such a big deal (I think she did) and that she is worried these kind of things will always affect our relationship and that I’m special to her and she thinks she makes me feel that way that she hopes I learn from this and that she pities that I see things this way.
Note that: - cheating is not even in question, total trust - I like her and want to deal with this but also not get walked over, because I DO feel pretty bad
What should I do? (Feel free to ask anything and thanks for reading my book ahahah)
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2022.01.17 00:43 Zealousideal-Bee-177 Regs League Madden 22 PS4. Season 1, about to be Week 3. 24 hour sim. GOTW AND POTW REWARDS AND PLAYOFF/AWARD WINNER REWARDS.

Falcons, Lions, Pats, and Texans open.
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2022.01.17 00:43 Stevie_The_Pencil Based on Yellowstone.....the dead guy will be back next week....

shepherding the herd.
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2022.01.17 00:43 austin1896 Looking for inspiration for my city.

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2022.01.17 00:43 Ill_Painter_987 Just got my first car! It’s a 91 all trac manual. 200,000 miles

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2022.01.17 00:43 mathiastck If I were always right, I could not be human, but if I were not human, I could not lead you.

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2022.01.17 00:43 RegExr Funko POP! Artist Series: Disney - Apprentice Mickey - Walmart Exclusive now available at Walmart

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2022.01.17 00:43 tinhayvip “Ông lớn” quận 8 không bỏ qua vụ vợ bị Trang Nemo hành hung

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2022.01.17 00:43 TheSneakiestSniper Play style

What's your play style? I tend to be really cautious and don't take many chances. That usually gets me killed due to being to slow. I don't get how people play so freely?! I spectate and people are just running around like a wild man! Lol I feel like I'm always on edge and I've played for years now haha. How do you take chances and be so care free?
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2022.01.17 00:43 wilddouglascounty January 17 - 23, 2022 Kaw Valley Almanac: ever seen a snow flea?

See a photo of them in the latest www.kawvalleyalmanac.com update, and learn more about these jumping critters, which, by the way are NOT fleas, don't bite and are actually good to have around! Learn also what cottontail rabbits are doing this time of year, where to look for eagles, and what that bright "star" is that rises just before dawn, among other things going on in the natural world this week.
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2022.01.17 00:43 Parker_Talks Newly inherited cat having panic attacks

Hello, A close family member died last week and left her 2 cats to me and my direct family.
We have taken them in and they are for the most part adjusting well. There is one major problem.
One of the cats (male gray tabby, roughly 10yo) seems to have some sort of great distress when people aren’t interacting around him. He yowls all night long, and also during the day if he’s in a room alone for long enough. None of us are getting any sleep.
This is a serious issue. I know this cat and this is most certainly a new behavior. I know it’s some sort of anxiety or grief. Previously I have only heard this noise out of him when staying at the family member’s house and he accidentally got locked outside at night. It’s this mournful yowl that almost sounds human.
I have no idea what to do about this??? He seems to be adjusting well and happy otherwise. My family has owned cats before and we have been introducing the cats to the apartment slowly, room by room. We have gotten them beds and scratchers and toys. What on earth do I have to do to fix this?
(Side note this is very odd as he has always been a very friendly cat and I would have expected this out of the other cat, not him. Other cat oddly is fine.)
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2022.01.17 00:43 Japlica What are some strategies that shield support can do against Zeri’s passive?

This includes Lulu, Yuumi, Thresh, Taric, Rakan, Lux, Janna, maybe Morgana, and any support with Summon Aery rune. Her passive literally turns our shield against us. Do we not play shield support against Zeri from now on? Any idea?
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2022.01.17 00:43 tinhayvip Top 5 Youtuber kiếm nhiều tiền nhất 2021, top 1 kiếm gần 1.200 tỷ đồng

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2022.01.17 00:43 _waffi What’s your favorite Sub you recommend others check out?

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2022.01.17 00:43 Nivlac3213 How do I get my headset to work the way I want when I want to chat and play games/ media when connected to my PC? (Stereo vs Wireless Hands free AG audio)

I have Steelseries Arctis 9X gaming headset but this problem occurs with my Sony WH-1000XM4 also, so a gaming headset and a normal set of headphones. I can connect them both to my PC and use them to listen to music or play games and using the "Stereo" audio output. However, Id like to hear both my media audio and chat audio when I join a voice chat on discord or Gamebar. It seems when I join using the stereo audio output, I cant hear the chat or they cant hear me so I have to switch to the "Wireless AG Hands free Audio" output which then allows my headset mic to be used and I cant hear the chat but I cant hear media audio or I have to switch the media audio to the AG output (using advanced sound options in the sound settings) and it sounds like garbage. Is there a way to have all my audio come out of the better Stereo output and still have the ability to use my microphone on the headset?
Thanks to any help in advance
and yea yeah about the fair, ifykyk
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2022.01.17 00:43 ConnorAndObey Any recommendations on newish articles/books on theory of mind?

Comprehensible to a layperson, obviously.
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2022.01.17 00:43 hanniegb Mirror

Last night in my dream, there was a portion where I looked in the mirror twice. The first time, I had styled hair, makeup on, earrings in and I looked very similar to myself. The second time, I looked even more like myself, except that time was post shower with no makeup or earrings and wet hair.
I’m not really weirded out by it - I’m more curious to know if anyone else has looked at their reflection in a mirror during a dream or has any idea of what it may mean?
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2022.01.17 00:43 CocaGarty Does anyone else want to fight a guardian as much as me?

Like I know Halo 5 campaign wasn't the best, but god damn was I looking forward to taking down some guardians after beating Halo 5. I really hope they do some kind of flashback dlc.
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2022.01.17 00:43 j-u-s-t-f-o-r-u Hello New Traders

Use my Referral Code: PHNXCWXT
Link: https://www.binance.me/en/register?ref=PHNXCWXT
And we’ll have a 10-10% split on trading commission so you’ll be saving 10% on your trades. If that’s okay with you. Thanks & Happy Trading. 😊
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