opinon on paint (done digitally) before i get down and dirt with a brush? color scheme wise.

2022.01.17 00:46 ParaFox_Games opinon on paint (done digitally) before i get down and dirt with a brush? color scheme wise.

opinon on paint (done digitally) before i get down and dirt with a brush? color scheme wise. submitted by ParaFox_Games to Warhammer40k [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 00:46 Sri_Man_420 India to send a battalion for peacekeeping ops in Africa

India to send a battalion for peacekeeping ops in Africa submitted by Sri_Man_420 to anime_titties [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 00:46 Intergalactic-Walrus [Contamination] Yeast or bacteria? Pretty sure this isn’t mycellium.

[Contamination] Yeast or bacteria? Pretty sure this isn’t mycellium. submitted by Intergalactic-Walrus to MushroomGrowers [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 00:46 gothpixi Hello there 😊 [F26]

Hello there 😊 [F26] submitted by gothpixi to selfie [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 00:46 Bonus1Fact Two #Teenagers in Custody in #UK in Connection With #Texas Synagogue Hostage-Taking

Two #Teenagers in Custody in #UK in Connection With #Texas Synagogue Hostage-Taking submitted by Bonus1Fact to SaltyArmy [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 00:46 iamcalifw 🐕 Mega Floki Just stealth launched 10 minutes |CG/CMC incoming |No Airdrop | 🚀Early Low Cap just launched 🐕 Ownership Renounced | LP Locked 1 year

🐕 Mega Floki 🐕
WELCOME TO " Mega Floki " 🎖
Telegram : https://t.me/megaflokiofficial
"GOING TO WIN THE RACE FROM ALL Floki COINS " Mega Floki decentralized Binance Smart Chain Token our mission is to bring people an ease bsc transfers, strong community, and sustainability. It's a 100% community token, every holder should promote it, if you want to pump your investment, you need to do some effort.
Alright guys, you all are so early 😍 Huge profit coming..... Yes... We make sure all is ready and safe and in few mins time ... We will be renouncing ownership soon .... Great time to bag more, Perfect time if you are getting this now.🥳 Mission Bringing people together through the ease of our Bsc transfers, strong community, and push for sustainability. We may be strong apart. But we’re better when we’re grow together. This is safe. Liquidity is locked and ownership is renounced. No way of a rug pull! Dev seems transparent and trustworthy.
✅ Buy & Sell 0%
✅ Locked Liquidity
✅ Verified Smart Contract
✅ Promos after launch
✅ Based Team
✅ Stealth Launch
✅ Liquidity locked
✅ Total supply 1,000,000,000
✅ White paper is out, see website
🐕Telegram : https://t.me/megaflokiofficial
🐕Contract: 0x6689e240a2817a34e65947d40dfe26b3a985a1d4
🐕Pancakeswapv2 : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x6689e240a2817a34e65947d40dfe26b3a985a1d4
🐕LP Locked 1 year : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x57ccb329940f2017d07fef8ce1eab0befbfbd7e5
Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0x6689e240a2817a34e65947d40dfe26b3a985a1d4#readContract
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2022.01.17 00:46 Fyuchanick obviously the most fitting matchup for jinx, who else?

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2022.01.17 00:46 fishy185 The only one that is still here and hasn't gone bad

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2022.01.17 00:46 Significant-Net864 Propranolol for sleep

Does anyone take Propranolol for sleep? How much, and does it help? Can you take other supplements with it, such as CBD oil, magnesium, valerian root (not all of these together)?
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2022.01.17 00:46 mr_joshua74 Why don't those with neurological conditions manifest their distorted reality?

Hi all,
I'd say I'm somewhat familiar with Neville Goddard. I'm also currently studying neuroscience, and there are many physical conditions in the brain which cause people to 100% believe and assume a feeling that is disconnected from reality. They clearly don't seem to be manifesting their perceived reality. Why would I think that by assuming the feeling, believing, etc, that this would have an impact on my reality?
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2022.01.17 00:46 kriskoeh What am I missing? Why is Tamagotchi Pix taking batteries in 2022.

Title says it all really. I bought two Tamagotchi Pix for my daughters at Christmas. They eat through batteries. It’s 2022. Is it for nostalgic reasons? I grew up in the era of Tamagotchi. I just figured they’d be rechargeable at this point.
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2022.01.17 00:46 salsashark99 Like my new can?

Like my new can? submitted by salsashark99 to bestestgunnitweekend [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 00:46 designgeek89 Does Dr. Strange also forget who Spider-Man / Peter Parker is?

(Spoiler alert) In the movie Dr. Strange cast a spell at the end that made everybody forget Peter Parker. Does that mean that he will also forget Peter Parker / Spider-Man or does he remember since this was his spell?
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2022.01.17 00:46 Different-Counter658 Do US students have to pass a credibility interview by their university before being issued CAS? Are US citizens interviewed by UKVI for a student visa?

I see lots of information about credibility interviews, but I’m not sure if this applies to only certain countries or if the US is excluded?
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2022.01.17 00:46 FightGameClub CPT 2021💥ストリートファイター5 💥RushdownV2「ユリアン」対iDom 「ポイズン」北米-東大会2|RushdownV2「Urien」vs iDom 「Poison」SFV 🤜FGC🤛

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2022.01.17 00:46 supergaysimba If we lived in star trek that "Xbox on" feature would have been fine instead of obnoxious

But we live in a world where advertisement and noise is constant instead of on a quietly humming starship dude like come the fuck on!!!!
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2022.01.17 00:46 artisticgirl17 Yep! No one to see here...!

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2022.01.17 00:46 Soviet_Sausage [WTS]large Enlightened equipment torrid - 8.5 oz, large enlightened equipment visp - 5.9 oz, goosefeet gear down anorak - 6.3 oz.

All of this gear is like new or new!
First we have a large enlightened equipment torrid. 10d black on outside w/ 7d graphite inside. No hood on this one!. Jacket is absolutely perfect. It has only seen use on a two night trip at the end of last season. Only selling because my giant shoulders fit better in a size xl. Paid 165 and I’m asking for $130.00 shipped.
Second is a brand new enlightened equipment visp in size large. It is black in color. This jacket is brand new and still has the tags on it. Asking for $160 shipped.
Lastly is a goosefeet gear down anorak with 3 oz of fill. It is black 8d material in and out. The sizing is similar to a large. No hood or pockets on this since I built it to be as light as possible. It has seen use for about 5 nights last season and is in perfect condition. i can answer more questions on the sizing if anyone is interested. Payed $305 and asking $230.00 shipped.
submitted by Soviet_Sausage to ULgeartrade [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 00:46 amruthwo Kishi big phone adapter

submitted by amruthwo to EmulationOnAndroid [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 00:46 wbradleyjr1 For Leftists, Your Freedom Is Their Misery – Your Slavery Is Their Joy

submitted by wbradleyjr1 to whatsreallygoinon [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 00:46 Beneficial-Maximum96 [USA-CT] [H] LHR Zotac RTX 3080 & LHR Gigabyte RTX 3080, EVGA RTX 3090 [W] Local Cash, Trades

Currently have few graphics card for sale/trade.
Timestamp of everything.

Gigabyte RTX 3080 TURBO 10G (rev. 1.0)
ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3080 Trinity OC LHR
Both cards are used and have been mined on, gigabyte have original invoice from microcenter.
Looking for $1,250 or best offer for either 3080s or some of FHR + cash trade.

Also have an EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 ULTRA GAMING for sale/trade.
3090 is sealed in box, have original invoice from Evga queue.
Looking for $2,500 or best offer for the 3090.

Local is Danbury, CT 06810, meet up at bank or police station.
submitted by Beneficial-Maximum96 to hardwareswap [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 00:46 Powerful_Pineapple_6 Hellwalker

I killed road dog more times then I van count but can't get a hellwalker
submitted by Powerful_Pineapple_6 to borderlands3 [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 00:46 laggy1000 Low FPS and CPU usage when entering/exiting new areas/buildings/menus

Basically title.
I know skyrim really only uses 2 cores of the CPU but when entering/exiting areas, buildings and menus, even first loading onto the main menu, CPU usage is sub 10% and after about 5-10 seconds it will jump to around 20% usage and bring my frames from sub 20 to around 50fps. Any fixes?
Specs: CPU - R3600 (overclocked to 3.9ghz)
GPU- Sapphire 5700xt
Ram- Corsair Vengeance 16gb 3600
for some reason my load order seems to only show under inactive mods and then all alphabetically, So here is my LOOT order
0 0 Skyrim.esm
1 1 Update.esm
2 2 Dawnguard.esm
3 3 HearthFires.esm
4 4 Dragonborn.esm
5 5 ccBGSSSE001-Fish.esm
254 FE 0 ccQDRSSE001-SurvivalMode.esl
254 FE 1 ccBGSSSE037-Curios.esl
6 6 ccBGSSSE025-AdvDSGS.esm
7 7 Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
8 8 Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - Main.esm
9 9 RealisticWaterTwo - Resources.esm
10 a Fertility Mode.esm
11 b JSwordsD.esm
12 c SkyUI_SE.esp
13 d Audio Overhaul Skyrim.esp
14 e Blowing in the Wind SSE.esp
15 f Blowing in the Wind - Lanterns of Skyrim Patch SSE.esp
16 10 SMIM-SE-Merged-All.esp
17 11 Immersive Wenches.esp
18 12 Blowing in the Wind - SMIM Merged All Patch SSE.esp
19 13 Gildergreen Regrown.esp
20 14 Mythical Ages.esp
21 15 RaceMenu.esp
22 16 RaceMenuPlugin.esp
23 17 SGEyebrows.esp
24 18 Beards.esp
25 19 dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp
26 1a dD-Medium Script Range.esp
27 1b WetandCold.esp
28 1c Footprints.esp
29 1d VioLens SE.esp
30 1e DiverseDragonsCollectionSE.esp
31 1f RichMerchantsSkyrim_x5.esp
32 20 Improved Eyes Skyrim - Vamp.esp
33 21 Improved Eyes Skyrim.esp
34 22 Book Covers Skyrim.esp
35 23 JKs Skyrim.esp
36 24 TouringCarriages.esp
37 25 Immersive Encounters.esp
38 26 Settlements Expanded SE.esp
39 27 OwnCivilWar.esp
40 28 Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp
41 29 Immersive Weapons.esp
42 2a Point The Way.esp
43 2b Holidays.esp
44 2c Run For Your Lives.esp
45 2d Guards_Armor_Replacer.esp
46 2e Cloaks.esp
47 2f flaho_shi_eagles_nest_ENG.esp
48 30 Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp
49 31 Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp
50 32 Cloaks - USSEP Patch.esp
51 33 imp_helm_legend.esp
52 34 Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp
53 35 HearthfireMultiKid.esp
54 36 HearthfireMultiKid_LastName.esp
55 37 Visible Favorited Gear.esp
254 FE 2 Fertility Mode 3 Fixes and Updates.esp
56 38 Fertility Adventures.esp
57 39 PrinceandPauper.esp
254 FE 3 JSwords-ImmersiveWeaponsPatch.esp
58 3a imp_helm_Immersive_Armors.esp
59 3b Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul.esp
Immersive Citizens - ELFXEnhancer patch.esp
Immersive Citizens - ELE patch.esp
60 3c Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
61 3d Convenient Horses.esp
62 3e Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
63 3f RealisticWaterTwo.esp
submitted by laggy1000 to skyrimmods [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 00:46 Upsideduckery Family friend just died

He was in his fifties, a little overweight, with some heart problems. He was friends with my parents and would do work around our house for free which was cool as my dad isn't much of a handyman, my mother is sick and though I'm grown I'm disabled and live at home. We'd offer him payment or other things but he'd say no. This was just what friends did for eachother.
He started pulling away when the pandemic started. My parents and I were all about masking and distancing and he'd jokingly say we were blinded by the media though none of us watch the news. He still would do work around our house but he started asking for payment. My dad didn't have an issue paying him. He'd write the check to his friend and they'd say goodbye.
Then the vaccine came around and my family and I got it. Our friend didn't. He called us sheep, stupid, blind fools. The last time we saw him in person was right after the vaccines came out. He started some work with the AC and then told us to figure it out ourselves when he found out we'd been vaccinated. We didn't see him again. According to Facebook he was afraid of vaccine shedding.
Last week we heard from his wife who is also sick that he was ill with covid. I asked my mom if he'd been vaccinated and she shook her head. Then we learned he was in the ICU. Two nights ago my dad expressed that he didn't think his friend was going to make it. Yesterday morning my dad told my mom and I that this family friend was dead, and that his wife might be next. He had kids who now have to live without a father.
This was a senseless loss, but I couldn't even shed any tears for this man I'd known for years. He was always so kind and helpful but it's almost like Facebook misinformation and covid turned him into a different person. Or maybe he was this rude, insensitive person all along?
I don't know.
What I do know is that he spent his last moments and even his last two years living in fear. Scared of the vaccine, of the left, of the communism he thought was taking over America. He thought the vaccine was evil, non-Christian, experimental gene therapy. He died on that hill.
But for what?
submitted by Upsideduckery to DeathsofDisinfo [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 00:46 SauciiGamer (Offer) My list (Request) Friday the 13 Star Wars Your lists

MA Behind enemy lines seal team 8 Entourage the movie Jarhead 3 the siege Cake st Night 4K Hell Or High Water 4K Fast And The Furious 4K 2 Fast 2 Furious 4K Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift 4K Fast And Furious 2009 4K Fast Five 4k Fast And Furious 6 4K Texas Chainsaw 4K Scarface 4K World War Z HD Hansel And Greek Witch Hunters HD Killer Elite HD The Change up HD Despicable me 2 4K Red dawns HD Sinister HD Silent Hill revelation HD Expendables 2 4K SAW 1-7 Itunes 4K
Doctor Strange Thor dark world Guardians of the galaxy
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