What does rain smell like where you live?

2021.10.17 21:33 Catillionaire What does rain smell like where you live?

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2021.10.17 21:33 stepanmetior Assassin’s Creed II - Trailer (Remastered 8K 60FPS)

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2021.10.17 21:33 DemUnderground Native American Group Calls on Fox News to Fire Hosts Over 'Racist' Comments

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2021.10.17 21:33 RNRYOUNGBOUL Kshordy🧟‍♂️(6/WAWG🔒)

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2021.10.17 21:33 moreddit2169 cheggin' you, put your lovin' hand out baby

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2021.10.17 21:33 H3nryKrinkle [B][USA-WA] Canon Demi EE17

Just missed out on one but have been looking for one for a bit! Let me know, thanks!
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2021.10.17 21:33 thickhilly96 22 f Williamsport

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2021.10.17 21:33 DemUnderground Sen. Ron Johnson hoping for 'Democratic gridlock' on reconciliation package

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2021.10.17 21:33 KhayGG Wealthsimple Cash: $50 For Signing Up - Takes 2 Minutes (Working | Canada)

Works for NEW and EXISTING users of Wealthsimple Cash. Takes 2 Minutes 
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After using my code, go to the promotions tab, then enter "WATERLOO" for an extra $25 on top of the first $25. You MUST enter my code before using this one for it to work. Enjoy!
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2021.10.17 21:33 Alexexec iHavanas flash sale

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2021.10.17 21:33 londonscappo22 Executive dysfunction, depression and chronic headaches

Hi, I’m college age and had to take a break off uni due to miscellaneous health issues. Now I’m starting to investigate why I fell into the mental spiral of things. I live with my father because I can‘t work or study due to poor health. I can’t even force myself to seek out medical care for the chronic headaches, even though my parents want me to go to a health clinic to get it sorted out. I feel trapped in a cycle of dysfunction. I feel shame in opening (medical) bills and asking my parents to pay. I feel so embarrassed and I want to make a change, but I don’t know how and where to start. My excuse is I can’t because I’m in pain, which is true, but in order to get out of the pain cycle I need to do something. You see the problem. I started asking about ADHD as a root cause for why my executive dysfunction, compensatory anxiety and depression is present. I have my second diagnostic appointment soon. I am so scared I won’t be able to work with chronic headaches (I suspect a CSF leak for reasons this post won’t cover) that I am too afraid to get treatment. I’ve ghosted several doctors and many of them require MRIs or other scans to even get started. The whole administrative kerfuffle is hell to me, which is only exacerbating my depression. if anyone has been in a similar situation, let me know.
i also drink caffeine already, so can’t really do much on that front.
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2021.10.17 21:33 Riding_With_Biden Sweden demograpic projection then, now and in the future.

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2021.10.17 21:33 DemUnderground COP 26 Corporate Sponsors Have Written An Angry Letter Complaining Of Confusion, Lack Of Access

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2021.10.17 21:33 Navy0308 Pewds gotta be the guest of the next food episode...

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2021.10.17 21:33 tworandomperson I'm havjng cake for dinner. AMA

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2021.10.17 21:33 WAKEUPNAS This is a project im fully invested in many people say that we won’t sell out the thing is i think we will just because of how good the art is but not just that we have awesome things coming ! You can mint now reveal date is this friday 😉 @Ethernalsnft on twitter ❤️

This is a project im fully invested in many people say that we won’t sell out the thing is i think we will just because of how good the art is but not just that we have awesome things coming ! You can mint now reveal date is this friday 😉 @Ethernalsnft on twitter ❤️ submitted by WAKEUPNAS to NFT [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 21:33 gunther2033 Do you remember when there was a leak and you laughed at everyone who believed that?

And suprise this dude was litterly right with everything.He was even completly right with the release date.They completly lied about everything do you even realise that right now? they completly promised us something they never did.And while everyone was waiting they now waste their time and working on a mobile release instead of a good pc one and even that is not enough proof for you too see how they really are?
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2021.10.17 21:33 xaviorpwner GDL stuck

So im trying to download MC eternal on GDL and its been stuck on downloading forge installer for a while, whats up with it?
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2021.10.17 21:33 am_carma What’s your home screen? Mine‘s this cheese board I made with my friends.

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2021.10.17 21:33 OhioAasimar [CotN] Search Your Feelings You Know It To Be True

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2021.10.17 21:33 LegitCoder1 Why This?...... UnMineable

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2021.10.17 21:33 DemUnderground Florida School Requiring Vaccinated Students to Stay Home for 30 Days After Each Dose

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2021.10.17 21:33 InstructionInformal5 SECOND TIME BUILDING GAMING PC! CAN YOU HELP?

Hey , I'm looking to build a PC , and i need a help, If everything will fit properly, or if i have to change anything for better option and stuff.
Build Case : i was looking for very compact build , so i chose Lian li O11 mini with VERTICAL GPU STAND. Cpu : R5 5600x Motherboard: Matx gigabyte B550-m auros pro - P CPU cooler : AIO arctic freezer 360mm A-rgb Ram : RGB Kingston fury 16gb kit 3600 MHz cl17, Beast edition. PSU : lian LI SFX 750W+ Gpu : 3060ti gigabyte triple fan, ( or any good 3060ti that will be available these days lmao ) Storage : ssd m.2nvme crucial p5 1Tb .
Thanks for any help, also would like to ask, If it's better to have 240hz 1080P monitor IPS, or 170hz 1440P IPS monitor. Thanks everyone for any help , would like to have my compact vertical gpu pc as good as possible. Hope i mentioned everything.
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2021.10.17 21:33 maaaaris should i delete all of my texts with him?

i don't want to not because i'm holding onto to the good things we shared in those conversations, but rather that i don't want to get rid of the bad and forget all the lies i was told and the way he tried to manipulate me by acting like the victim or someone who could not understand how hurtful and unecessary his actions were.
i'm scared that once i do, time will pass and i'll slowly start telling myself that maybe it wasn't so bad. but it was. i don't reread the messages anymore because i think that impairs my healing, but i do know that they are there. they exist.
what do i do? should i delete them all or should i keep them and try not to think about it at all?
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2021.10.17 21:33 scottish_scribbler The Stolen Angel (part 3)

Chapter 19
I escape from the house and fall to my knees, "FATHER!" I roar. Looking up to the sky expecting to hear his voice, or even a sign that he's listening, but there's nothing. There is only the sound of nature. Presumption is the mother of all fuck ups as they say down here, i was wrong to presume that he would care.
I am alone. No one to take orders from. No plan to fulfil. I can make my own destiny. I have the ring.
I walk back into the cabin and on the television is a breaking news report. "Three tribal men have infiltrated the president of America's oval room and are holding the president hostage. No demands have been made yet. 6 are dead, 6 are critical in hospital and 15 are wounded. CCTV footage of the oval room shows the four men alive at present." I wondered what they had planned now they are free, i never expected that so fast. Anyway "Who is Asteria?" I ask.
"Asteria is the original fallen star. She was created very early on in the creations list, a combination between God and Atheds powers. Although, it is said that during the creation process there was a heated argument between your fathers, this made their powers more aggressive and thus giving asteria more power than the other creations. Once both of your fathers realised that they had created something that could turn on them and potentially kill them both they sent her to a planet created at the start of time, one of the first planets created by both your fathers. Cancri. This planet is basically a massive rotating diamond, as beautiful as this sounds it is virtually impossible to enter or escape. Your fathers worked together and penetrated the planet's atmosphere, asteria was left there with no way of escaping. It is said that asteria created her own race of beings and that she has been trying to escape by using them as experiments on breaking the atmosphere." I stand staring at the man, why did I not know about her? Why was she never mentioned? And why did Diem say her name? "How do I find her?" I eventually ask. The man glances at his partner and then sighs “Asteria escaped from Cancri two days ago. She was last seen here on Earth earlier this morning. If her intentions are to seek vengeance on your fathers then there is every possibility that she will succeed.” The man holds out his hand “may I see the ring sir?” i have grown to trust this couple so i slide the ring of my finger and pass it to him. He nods his head and then turns to his wife. They clasp their hands together with Inannas ring between them and it starts to glow. The room starts shaking, old antique books fall to the ground causing ancient dust to fill the air. A strong smell of jasmine fills the room and the couple scream and yell, still gripping their hands tightly together, then bang! A massive blinding light engulfs the room and knocks me to my feet. Then everything stops. I pull myself to my feet and the couple are gone. Left in place of them is Inannas ring, glowing. The couple sacrificed themselves to the ring, giving it their powers. If i am going to take down Asteria i'm going to need all the power i can get. Or do i join her? I grab the ring and leave.
Chapter 20
A place of great beauty, a city of dreams and magic, pillars of golden roses line the entrance, the sound of harps playing in the distance echo around the magnificently designed city, beautiful snow white birds fly overhead watching for their next feed, fresh scents of jasmine tingle my senses and the feeling of being welcomed and at ease with oneself overwhelms the stunning vision. The chitter chatter of the people going about their daily business and the happiness on their faces gives the city a homely feeling. This was atlantis. The place I remember. Being part of the fall of Atlantis in my earlier days was one of my only regrets. Orders are orders and manipulation was my game. Thoth back then was gifted with a magical tablet from my father, he was able to then advance in many fields, although Atlantis would ultimately fall because of Thoth's greed for knowledge. I was the whispers in the wind, I was all the small coincidences that happened and I was the one who persuaded him to attack Athens knowing that Athens was superior in every aspect. I sat on top of an erupting volcano and watched as the city sunk below the water. My orders were to manipulate and destroy Atlantis for the greater evil. Mission complete. I then watched over thoth as he used the tablet to help him flee to Egypt and enslave their people. He worked those humans until their bones pierced their flesh, then he would use their crushed bones to harden the mixtures to build his great pyramids. These pyramids were only covers for his crazy experiments, one of which eventually killed him and split the stone in half. Half of the stone is hidden beneath a lake of mercury covered by a tomb of trapped souls, the other is hidden within the secret vaults of Atlantis.
Now I sit before an ocean of rubbish. Plastic at least 3 meter below the surface. The sound of dolphins calling for help as they are entwined in old nets, thousands of fish lying dead on top of the floating plastic island, sharks battle their way through to feed on their rotten flesh. The humans don't care about this world, the oceans that were once beaming with life are now polluted with rubbish and oils. Over half the percentage of water animals are extinct or becoming extinct. Fascinating creatures that had evolved and worked hard to survive are now being left to decompose in human waste. If Atlantis were to rise again it would be a city of rubbish, the smell of decomposing fish would overpower the beauty of the enchanting city. Maybe it is better left below the water. Sitting on top of the same volcano where I sat all those years ago I contemplated my next move. I try and choose a side, good or evil? There are many humans that are spending their lives attempting to save the planet, those people can see the beauty that's around them and they feel the need to protect it. These are good people. These are the creations that God watches over, encourages and whispers words of wisdom to in their dreams. These are the people that father has faith in. Then there are those creations that are money driven, war seeking, power driven humans that will stop at nothing to be the ruler of the earth. These individuals that turn a blind eye to the destruction of the world are the people who believe they can conquer another planet and rule space. Humans are merely rouge cells that evolution favoured. They all have their own destinies in this world yet each one is destined to be judged. A war to end the world as we know it, to leave their sacred technologies behind and start again with sticks and stones. This war is started when the childish bickerings from country leaders escalate to a display of power against each other. Britain stands against America for interfering in foreign affairs and triggers the war. The whole "mine is bigger than yours" argument is undermined by the "mine is more advanced than yours" argument when ultimately, artificial intelligence is more advanced than both. While this war quickly unfolds the gates of hell open over Australia, fires tear through the country swallowing everything in it's path, the toxic smoke from all the cremations slowly cover the skies giving earth a life in darkness. This is when these toy soldiers use the darkness to their advantage and light the skies with poison rain. These humans have repeatedly destroyed their chances at a brighter future with the same greed that lost me my wings, we are more alike than we think. Maybe i have thought this thru all wrong, maybe I should be protecting this planet, maybe i should be getting Asteria on my side. New plan.
Chapter 21
My hearing zones in on a breaking news report from a radio station not far from me. "Eight volcanoes have erupted causing the premature melting of all ice in Antarctica. This is a worldwide alert. Tsunamis will hit all coastal locations and progress inwards. Evacuate. I repeat. Evacuate." The plan worked! Fuck! Ok think! Now what do I do? Asteria is loose somewhere, there's ancient humans holding the president hostage and now the world is about to be destroyed by another flood!!! The plans going brilliantly yet that's not the fucking plan anymore!!! Shit!!!! I sit down and rest my head in my hands. What have I done?.
I stand up and take a deep breath. Breathing in the fresh air and clearing my mind, letting all my thoughts slowly escape until I am left with a sense of openness and clarity. My mission was to get God of his throne and into the creation room, not to kill asteria.The breeze on top of the volcano has warmed, the stones under my feet are beginning to crumble, the smell of the rubbish heightens and the water lies still. No movement. No life. No current. God's In his creation room and off his throne. Mission complete. But what are his intentions? I notice a dolphin tangled in some old fishing nets so I fade out to appear at the waterside below the volcano. The poor thing is struggling, no animal should die this way. I step on the water and begin to walk over to the defenseless creature, parting the thick layer of waste residing on top. Once at the dolphin I kneel down and rip the netting apart allowing it to swim away free. But it doesn't. It swims to an opening in the water where the layer of rubbish finishes, diving in and out of the water in a thankful manner. Such a majestic creature, I smile and wave before making my way back to the beach. But the dolphin begins clicking and becomes erratic. I walk over to it as it swims to the edge of the waste, twirling and clicking and jumping in and out of the water. "What's wrong with you?" I ask as I place my hand in the water, it calms down and nuzzles its nose into my hand. I move my hand onto it's head and read the creatures' thoughts. It's scared, God has told it that the incoming tsunami is going to destroy everything on land, the oceans will merge with the rivers and swallow the mountains whole. The tsunami must be stopped. Father has asked for all marine life capable of making sounds to meet together in the tsunamis path and sound off towards it. The sound waves will demolish the tsunami. I reassure it that it will work. God is very knowledgeable and would never intentionally harm any of his creations. "Remember that under the wings of an angel no serpent shall smite '' I say, then I warn the creature of the Antartican monster that is loose in the waters. The creature makes a sound like a creaking door then disappears gracefully under the water. The tsunami will calm. Now to find Asteria.
Chapter 22
A small village of people live on the outskirts of a large city in finland. A city where all your scientific dreams come true. If a human desires to have its abstract ideas tested at this city they must first clear many obstacles. To make it to this stage is a scientist's fantasy. The city is forever expanding, robots are slaves to their masters, a closed off industrial world run by the best scientists on earth. Money is thrown at this place from every angle and yet these fools are that determined to be at the forefront of modern technology that they overlook the most obvious of miracles. The human.
Walking distance from the noisy city, deep within a lush evergreen forest, is a village of workers. Their homes line the banks of a small lake, dead fish and birds float on top of a thick layer of chemicals that have been discarded down the city's drains. An invisible wall separates the money driven mad scientists and these poor human slaves. A modern version of Thoth and his pyramids.
I walk around the village until I finally reach a small shed hidden behind the village. There are several broken robots, scrap metal and rusty old inventions. I am at the right place then. I chap the door and it swings open, a strong smell of melting plastic escapes and I am confronted by a human woman. Perfectly sculpted with dark brown eyes, long straight brown hair, a welcoming smile and a slender figure, beautiful and oddly familiar. I let her past and carry on into the shed.
This small wooden shed at the back of a derelict village, hidden within an evergreen forest is the last place you would look for a child genius, yet here I stand. The shed is a disguise for this boy's laboratory, built underground and protected by the noise of the bustling city above. As I walk past tables lined with deformed inventions my curiosity is peaked, was that the boy's mother I just passed? She was dressed far too well to be a resident of such a filthy place. Once I make my way through the disinfecting tunnel I reach the young boys room. The lights are hanging off the ceiling, flickering like a strobe light, the large fan in the corner is blowing paper around the room, as the light flashes from sight my eyes readjust to the darkness and in the corner of the room, hanging over a chair is the young boy genius. A pool of blood lies below him and the distinctive smell of power lingers in the air. I fade out, reappearing outside. She is gone. She was Asteria. I walk back to the entrance of the lab and hold my hand over the handle. Slowly a golden haze begins to appear. Gold! Out of all the power colours only two people possess gold. My fathers. This is going to be harder than I thought. I turn around and follow the golden haze, leading through the Forest to the edge of the lake, out over the water and then disappear. I have no idea where she will be going, I have no idea what her intentions are and I have no idea how to track her. Asteria can wait for now.
Breaking news. The men holding the president of America hostage have now been terminated. A special forces team have entered the white house and ended the hostage situation. The men of unknown origins have been taken to a secure location until formal identification can be made. The president is now residing in an unknown safe location until further notice.” another problem solved.
I start to feel noxious, a tingling sensation runs through my arms, everything around me starts to blur and then I collapse.
Chapter 23
I'm hot, very hot. I can hear a ringing in my ears. The smell of burning flesh and molten lava tingles my senses. Slowly my hearing sharpens and I hear someone shouting my name, a female. I can hear lots of yelling, and I can smell the distinctive smell of death. It smells like home. Then I hear the female shouting my name again.
My vision clears and I rise to my feet. I can not believe my own eyes. I have awoken in the middle of the great war. I am surrounded by large creatures charging each other, battling over the border line, fighting for their creator. I shouldn't be here, there is no need for me here. I tilt my head into my hands, why am I home? is this what I am lowered to? Am I only worthy enough to battle in the great war just like all your other creations? "Answer me!" I roar. My wings rip through my human shell, my feet tingle as the flames dance over them and up my legs, my eyes darken and my human shell pulses. I roar again and this time everything stops.
Silence. Silence is a loud word for such a defining sound. I look around for the female voice, all I see is fierce warriors attacking each other. Weapons piercing through body's, insides being gnawed out, talons piercing through throats, creatures caught in mid vanquish roaring as the light consumes them. Angel's are mid air with their blinding ray's, their gleaming armour is polished to perfection and their majestic white wings are braced for attack. And then I see her. Through all the carnage is the one calling my name. I make my way around floating power ray's and targeted weapons hovering mid air, pushing creations out of the way until I am face to face with my hidden siren. Diem.
How can this be? I witnessed her being vanquished by Inanna, I held her in my arms as she disappeared, yet there she is, in her ritchet form shouting for me. I wrap my arm around her waist, pull her close wrapping my wings around her, then fade out just as the great war resets. I appear at a bubbling lava pit. This lava pit has the oldest tunnel system on Esinil. The magic father used in the making of Esinil was so pure that there is a reaction between the magma rocks and the rocks cut by his power rays, this reaction makes these tunnels untraceable. The perfect place to hide.
I open up my wings and reveal Diem. She switches to her human disguise then hugs me. She hugs me in a way that squeezes all my troubles out, to hold her in my arms once more and look into those soulless eyes, a feeling of relief floods over me, i hold her arms and push her back off me. “Diem! How are you before my eyes? I watched you fade in my arms! If you have been alive all this time why have you not contacted me? And why save me now?!!” her eyes glint in the glow of the molten lava. She sighs and smiles. “My dearest Lucifer” she says as she moves in closer to me again “you see..” she whispers as she slides her soft hand down my chest, round my side and pulls the arrow that killed her from my belt. She carries on “the fateful arrow that you saw end my being. The same one that you took to remind you of me. The elegant carvings wound around the shaft of this beautifully crafted weapon are given birth by the exquisit golden feathers of an ancient extinct creation, the superior aspect of this masterpiece is the mercury tip. Sending me directly home to Esinil” and she hands me the arrow and kisses me on the cheek. “You now have one more thing to do '' she begins to explain “you must take father of his throne and take his place as ruler of Esinil, if you do not then he will succeed in conquering heaven and vanquishing God. There will be no ying to our yang, without the contrast everything will fall apart for each of us have a small piece of heaven inside us. Remember both your fathers are created from the same power. You must stop him and take the throne” she cries. “I can't! How am i supposed to stand up against the one who created me?” I snap at her “you don't, you protect him” now she has a point. Father never created me he stole me. It all comes flooding back to me, the big headed creature with the large eyes, the pain of fathers scale ripping my armour and piercing through my skin. I shake my head and sigh, i looked Athed straight in the eye through the darkness as he poisoned me, what kind of father does that ? i raise my head “God is my creator” i say standing proud. Then the ground begins to shake.
Chapter 24
My wings stretch out to their fullest, ripping my back, my hands start burning and clenching, my armour cracks as I tense and roar and I am lifted from the shaking ground. I feel an avalanche of pureness flow through me and then there's an explosion, smoke surrounds me and I fall to my knees.
Opening my eyes and standing up the smoke begins to clear and reveal Diem, and what a beautiful sight it is. My hands are glowing silver, my shining new mercury wings shimmer in the light of the dancing flames, my cracked armour is now strong silver protection and then I hold the handle of my sword. As I slide it out of it's restraint a blinding light engulfs the area. Diem smiles and winks at me. There are ancient golden enchantments engraved on the blade when the light catches it, extra protection. I looked up, “thanks dad'' I say and slide it back into its holder. Then before my eyes Asteria appears. I draw my sword back out and roar, bracing for an attack.
Asteria, the true unearthly Asteria. her eyes are made of diamonds and reflect like mirrors, her skin is tanned with iridescent tones of gold and blue, her natural form is far more beautiful than her human shell, yet this gleaming, supreme beauty is seconds away from destroying me and Diem. I will not lose her again. "Asteria" I roar. “Stop” she shouts “hear my words” and she conjures an impenetrable force field around both of us and now I can't move. Diem has changed to her original being and is trying frantically to break in and rescue me. Wqe float together within the force field, golden power sparks all over her, tilting her head slightly she curiously looks me over then begins to speak “i have been your prey for some time now yet I stand before you now with your being trapped in my grasp. This was your opportunity to defeat me, to rise up, complete your mission and prove your worth. And you failed" she laughs showing off her diamond tipped teeth "how did you know it was I that stood before you?" She asks. I stare into her eyes and see myself pinned in mid air, my wings fighting back the power sparks and trying to break free "Those new wings of yours are hard to contain, you have become very powerful Lucifer but not powerful enough.” she takes my hand in hers "you have no need for this now, nor does any other being" she slips Inannas ring of my finger and crumbles it in her hand releasing the power into herself "my entire existence since being exiled has been to seek revenge on Athed. It was his decision to exile me, he wasn't strong enough himself, just like yourself, but Athed lied to your father accusing me of being a weapon! A threat to them both. So God helped and I was exiled. Now I shall get my revenge." Asteria raises her hands up and screams as her power ray's spread out of her and into me, I arch back and roar as the furious force of the power breaks through my chest and fills my body, I can feel her pain pulse within me. The force field drops and I fall to my knees, as I look up she is gone.
My hands glow with a golden power, the highest level. I look over at Diem and she kneels on one knee "it is time my lord" she says with a smile. My wings stretch out defining the blood skies with their golden feathers and the golden armour engulfing my body is engraved with ancient enchantments. I stand tall looking at Diem "Lucifer" i say "to you I am always lucifer" then I fade out.
Chapter 25
I appear standing in front of Atheds grand bridge. The cobbles below my feet were stolen from earth's stairway to heaven. Once God cast me out of heaven he demolished the stairway so I would have no way to return, what God did not know was that Athed had stolen me. The bridge is held up by the shoulders of giants, each giant was set to stone by medusa as a punishment by Athed for attempting to conquer Esinil. God managed to save a few from their eternal punishment and placed them on earth, although, that In itself was punishment enough as they were branded monsters and hunted to their extinction. I once took pride in my stature among these creatures, now I pass them by with anger to avenge them.
In front of me at the end of the bridge, surrounded by a lake of lava, is Atheds private domain. A magnificent volcano, the first created and still very active. Athed has a protection dome cast on the inside walls so when the monster erupts it's thick insides are kept out. I spread my wings and fly across the bridge, through the short tunnel and land inside Atheds throne room.
The heart of the beast. The throne room is a large long room, the protection dome above me has a pearlescent glaze to it that swirls, it looks like a bubble blown by a human child. Following the dome down to the far end of the room is Athed sitting upon his throne. Even at this distance he can sense my presence and will have already foresaw the outcome. I start charging towards him, the ground below my feet shatters with every footstep, veins of light spread through the dome floor like a virus infecting its nervous system, as I race toward my enemy the tip of my wings brush against the floor absorbing the power from the shattering dome, they pulse and spark, charging themselves for battle. I crouch down and leap through the air towards Athed, my wings take shape and I draw my sword, streamlining through the air like a falcon catching it's dinner.
Athed stands up of his throne and leaps into the air. I'm looking straight ahead of me at the monster I came to kill, his scaley black arm is stretched outright with a surge of golden power in his hands. His hollow eyes stare at me through the screaming eyes of his captured souls, every individual scale on his reptilian body is raised and glowing in the red light of the lava. I grip my sword tight and charge.
We crash into each other, a supersonic blast wave tears us away from our explosive centre and we both crash land on the ground. I'm disorientated. I open my eyes and begin to focus on the tiny grains of dirt rolling past me, then a larger piece of rock fly by me. I try to stand on my feet but fall over, Athed is on the ground at the other side of the room so i try and pull myself up again resting on my knees, all the dirt below me is now racing by me, i look at my wings and see each feather fluttering in a wind, my eyes follow my wing span until I can see the centre of the room filling with rocks and ruble, I turn around and I'm hit with a blast wind, pulling me back to it's core. I crash into the pile of rocks and fall to the ground landing perfectly, then i charge towards the other end of the room.
I haven't thought this through, what was I thinking? He's an original! There's no way I can take him down! I slow down as I reach the exit and in the doorway is Diem. She shouts "May god be your compass and choosing"
Chapter 26
"May God be your compass and choosing". I stop. I've got God behind me, I've got Athenas power, I've got Inannas power, of course I can do this. I am Lucifer. I stand strong, turn around and brace myself, my wings shake and glow a blinding light. Athed has now spotted me and is walking towards me, blasting bolts of ancient power with each step. Every blast deflects of my protection shield but it won't last long against his raw determination to keep his throne.
I begin to chant the words of the ancient ones, my hands start sparking electricity, i can feel it as it surges through my veins, getting stronger with each word. Ahed stops in his tracks, a perplexed look on his face, then he begins to cast his own spell. Swirling his hands in front of him a golden ball of power begins to grow. I've not got long.
I start shaking and roaring as I try with every bit of fight left in me to complete the chant, cracks of lightning strike around me, the volcano begins to crumble inwards and Atheds power ball is nearly complete. Then it happens.
Before me, hovering at eye level is Erutan. The heart of the world. If Erutran is here then the world will fall. A plague will eat the souls of those in it's path before vanishing and allowing the second plague to conquer it's land. This second plague will come and hell will rise from the oceans, when earth lets out it's last poisonous dying breath, from the pit of it's molten stomach, it will spread to the edges of the world, draining life as it goes. But if I am quick enough I could get this done before the second wave hits.
I stand strong again and reach out to hold it, as I wrap each finger around the pure gold rings I can feel the power pulse through me, my hands glow golden and the eyes shoot out rays of blinding light straight into my chest. The purest light. God's lights.
It blows me off with an almighty clap of thunder and throws me backwards. Crash landing again, I'm becoming immune to the distortion. I see Athed fireing his power ball so I stand and charge. There are golden rays spraying around the room as Erutan spins and vanishes back to earth.
I throw power balls at him, one after another as I charge closer, he begins to roar and push his moon sized ball of swirling gold power at me but my shots are merely dunting the surface.
I stop. Close my eyes. Crouch down on one knee and breath. Slowly. I listen to my surroundings. The lavas curdling yells, the cracking dome singing a sopranos lullaby, the whispering thermal haze lingers all around, dirt bounces with the volcanoes grumbling stomach. I Take some dirt of the ground and rub my hands together.
I hear the disruption in the sound wave and push my foot into the dirt below, I tense my arms and thrust my hands upwards, grabbing his power ball. I rise like Atlas holding the heavens on his shoulders and throw the ball towards Athed. He turns and runs, so i fade out and appear behind him. Grabbing his tail i pull him back and land on top of him, drawing my sword and piercing him straight through his scaly chest. He grabs the sword and tries to pull it out, but not this time. My wings arch back, anger rages through me and my hands let out a force of power unlike anything seen before, it explodes down my sword and into Atheds chest.
Athed roars as he begins to crack with the golden light shining through him, my body shakes uncontrollably and I roar as the final pulse of power escapes me and hits Athed, shattering him into particles of dust.
His power leaves his lifeless body and enters mine, i inhale deeply. Standing up i can feel the surges of power tingling through my body. I turn and see the power ball so i wave my hand and shatter it into dust. The last thing I see before I collapse unconscious to the ground is Diem, running through the raining glitter dust falling from the power ball screaming my name.
Then I hear Diem screaming. I open my eyes and I'm lying in her arms and she's casting a protection dome around us, the volcano is collapsing. The walls are caving in and the lava is getting closer. Diem turns and looks at me with her big penguin eyes, i sit up and grab her, lock my lips on hers and fade us both out.
Chapter 27
We appear in the garden of Eden, collapsed together in a field of Jasmine. The heavenly scent and bright colours radiate my vision and what a sight to behold. I smile as i gaze into her eyes "now that's something you don't see every millenia" she laughs and jumps ontop of me and kisses me.
Now I have Esinil, I have the powers and I have my queen. A deal was made with god and the great war was ended. The junction is still heavily guarded as there are still creations out there trying to get back in, nothing my queen doesn't enjoy dealing with. Earth only had a mild attack of the first plague so should recover nicely. Hopefully?.
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