Translation/Transcription Request: [Hindi > English]

2021.10.17 22:11 Cherios_Are_My_Shit Translation/Transcription Request: [Hindi > English]

What is the politician saying to the crowd in the first 30 seconds of this youtube video?
Also, what is the transcript in the original Hindi?
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2021.10.17 22:11 Longjumping-Royal527 Weird work at home question.

I start training at home tomorrow for InfoCision. I am working from my room. I live in a small house and it is the only place in the house quiet enough to work from. I live with my two grandparents.
My weird situation is, that their bathroom is not functioning right now and will be down another couple of weeks until they get the money to get a plumber to fix the water. So they will be coming into my room using the bathroom in my room because it is the only one available. I am so worried because they will have to pass by the computer and InfoCision requires the webcam to be on during the 2 weeks of training. What should I say if my trainer says anything about them walking by say once every 3 hours or so? I thought about timing their bathroom breaks to my breaks but this will not work all of the time. Theres no way I can face my desktop without it facing the door either. It's a small room. Should I be worried about this or just be honest with my trainer if they say anything? Or am I worrying about nothing? Does anyone know anything about InfoCision? It's only $9 an hour so honestly, they shouldn't expect much should they?
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2021.10.17 22:11 Pretty-Buy7692 i accidentaly made this while trying to make a good meme, i love it.

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2021.10.17 22:11 Ok-Organization2296 The Story

April 17, 2013
I've been trying to crack this story for a long time now. I think I'm finally getting close. I can feel it. I've been tracking this girl since high school. All those deaths around her just never quite added up. Of course the police never found any connection. But I'm not as easily convinced. Lillian Grey is a mystery. But what kind of reporter would I be if I didn't try to solve it? My readers deserve to know the truth. And it might be just the story I need to finally get that promotion I've been asking for.
Lillian's mother died while we were in school together. I don't suspect she had anything to do with that. The woman just got ill and passed away. I don't know who raised Lillian after that, but she always seemed to be looking after herself. Maybe no one came to take care of her. I always liked Lillian. She was generally kind and smart, but she was distant and it always seemed like something was worrying her. It wasn't until out senior year that I began to wonder if that distant look wasn't a sign of someone with darker intentions.
About a month before graduation the biology teacher somehow managed to choke on a piece of chalk. They never found any signs of foul play or any other reason why he might have been eating chalk in the first place. We all assumed the stress of the job must have got to him. Not long after his death it came out that he had been sleeping with students to ensure better grades. With as many girls that stood up to admit what they had done with him even more stood up about how he had tried to seduce them. The last girl to be in his office was Lillian Grey.
She immediately dropped out and disappeared.
April 19, 2013
That was a complete waste of time. I managed to find someone who I thought could shed some light on what I'm looking for. Chloe Albright is the daughter of Christina Albright, who was once the landlord of a whole slum empire. The apartments in her care were taken care of to the bare minimal standards required by law. Often people claimed they were well below those standards. But aside from the occasional fine, Christina was never troubled with these accusations. I had hoped that her daughter could give me an idea of what went down on the night of her mother's death. She was there after all.
After the biology teacher, Lillian apparently fell on some hard times. From my digging, I found out that she became a waitress in a run down diner and worked for tips. The prostitute and drug infested apartments owned by Christina Albright were all she could afford to live in. I have my suspicions that even the slum prices were too steep for her from time to time.
Christina's undisputed rule over her ratty empire came to an abrupt end when she slit her wrists and bled out at her office desk. The autopsy relieved that was indeed a suicide. Or it least it looked exactly like one. The reigning theory is that she become overcome with guilt about how she made her tenets live. In my experience, people don't usually feel guilty for the things they did. Chloe was in the room when it happened. She was six.
She told me exactly what she told the police. She claimed it was all too confusing for her and she doesn't remember anything aside from her mother grabbing her pen knife and then seeing blood. Trauma can play hell on anyone. Especially a child. Chloe was lucky to be doing as well as she was. But she was no help to me at all.
Other people who lived in the building at the time of Christina's death claim to have seen a young woman matching Lillian Grey's description leave her office around the time of death. But none of them could recall anything specific about her or knew her name. They say they never saw her again. Her co-workers at the diner say she never showed up again after that day as well. I know she lived in those apartments. I found the records to prove it. It's not a far leap to put those pieces together.
May 2, 2013
It took me a while, but I found another piece of the puzzle. Two years after the incident in the apartment, it seems Lillian Grey began to pose as a Sunday school teacher in another town. She must keep a low profile because it's hard to find anyone who even remembers her face. Maybe she thought she would be safe in a church. Either from herself or from anyone out trying to find her. But it looks like trouble looks for her even harder than I do.
Every year the church took all of the children involved in Sunday school classes to bible camp free of cost. Lillian or, as she was calling herself then, Daedra was invited to come along even though she was the newest teacher. Of course, another tragedy took place.
One of the kids found Pastor Saunders was found floating face down in the pool. It was a clear case of drowning. But, here's the kicker, he was still in his work clothes. Somehow he managed to walk out of his cabin to the pool and fall in without even noticing it. The police report said it didn't look like he even tried to swim out. Though I'm not sure how they could have told that. There was no alcohol or drugs in his system. He just simply fell in and drowned. The police found some very interesting items in his personal belongings. Things that a person preaching at church shouldn't have, but nothing illegal.
It wasn't until after they looked through his room that someone had noticed that one of the teachers, Daedra, had gone missing. The police searched for her and even put out an APB to find her. But without any pictures and with no one able to give a coherent description she was lost to them.
I found the address of another teacher who was working at the camp that night. I plan on going to her house and talking to her tomorrow.
May 3, 2013
Another massive waste of time. The teacher I found had absolutely nothing for me. She could barely even remember Pastor Saunders, let alone Lillian Grey. She told me that the whole night seemed like a blur to her. She said she felt like she was drunk even though she hadn't touched a drink in fifteen years. I'm not sure I believe her on that one.
May 16, 2013
It looks like Lillian Surfaced one more time after the Bible camp. She was found unconscious in an alleyway two states away. I managed to find the guy who found her, Jet Grounder, and get a quick interview. For once, someone could remember exactly what she looked like. He described her black hair and blue eyes exactly as I remembered them. Apparently something about her haunted him as much as it did me. I guess he was an artist because he showed me a few sketches he did of her after that day. There was no doubt in my mind. He found Lillian Grey. I wanted to talk to the hospital staff, but he quickly filled me in on one major complication to that plan. There are none left.
The hospital burnt down three days after Jet dropped her off there. Apparently there was a massive gas leak on several floors. It only took one little spark from a malfunctioning microwave and the entire building was engulfed in flames. Firefighters tried valiantly to extinguish the flames, but it was for not. They managed to save a few of the patients and some of the staff from the ground floor. But no one who could have possibly remembered Lillian is alive today.
Jet believes he sees her face so often because of what happened. He feels guilty for what happened to her. I don't believe it's his fault. In fact, I don't believe she's dead.
May 19, 2013
My search is almost over. I've found her. I know it this time. I managed to dig up some census info and pulled some strings with a few police buddies of mine and I've discovered where she's been hiding for the past five years. She's back in out hometown. I should have known she'd go back. I'm going to pack up and start the drive out there tomorrow. I plan to confront her head on. Hopefully, then I can get my answers.
Dearest Andrew
I'm not sure why I'm writing this. Even though it's in your journal, you'll never be able to read it.
Ever since I found out you were looking I've hoped you wouldn't find me. Bad things happen to people who get close to me. You're lucky, Andrew. Some people never even get a chance. But I'm learning to control it now. You'll be okay.
I've always liked you.
Back in school you were the one bow who seemed nice to me just because you wanted to be. You weren't trying to help the girl with the dead mother. You weren't trying to get me in bed. You were legitimately sweet and I've always loved that about you. That's why I chose you.
You were very close to getting your story. Closer than I'd like to imagine. I'm glad you found me before you figured it all out on your own.
The biology teacher was the first time I realized what I could do. I was struggling in his class and hoped I could get some extra credit work to even out my grades. It didn't take me long to realize what kind of extra credit he wanted. I was so scared that I was almost in tears. Then I felt something strange inside me. It was like a dull headache but everywhere. The teacher walked over to the chalkboard and just started eating. I left before I found out why.
Poor Mrs. Albright. She was a heartless woman, but she never deserved what I did to her or to her daughter. It was during another one of out heated discussions about my late rent that she suggested that I find something better to do with my legs than run from table to table, or I would be out on the streets. I was embarrassed, angry, and scared. I guess that's the combination that sets it off. I felt a brief connection with her right before she cut her wrists open. There was no emotion on her face. Just a blank look. Her daughter didn't even scream. I left that day.
Pastor Saunders was a real bastard, though. He preached well and got everyone on the right path. But he was a fraud. He was once a member of a very bad crowd and was hiding out just like I was. And the things he would do to the children... I'd rather never revisit. When he found out about me he tried to intimidate me. He wanted what little money I had and anything else I could give him. I don't feel bad about killing him. I almost felt like I meant to or, rather, was meant to have him walk into the pool.
I do, however, regret the fiasco at the hospital. I was brought there after some guys tried to mug me in the street. I'm not sure what happened to them, but I'm sure it wasn't pretty. I woke up in the hospital lost and worried. Before I even understood where I was, people were already acting strangely. Several of them began to blow out pilot lights and damaging gas pipes. I barely got out of there in time.
I'm not sure what I am, but I'm not like you, Andrew. Whenever I start to lose control, people around me get confused and begin to hurt themselves or each other. I think it's a defense mechanism I have. Even the people who aren't as close to me end up so confused that they don't remember who I am. My mom had the same power. That's how she met my dad. He has no idea I exist. And that's why you will never know about the child I now bear of yours.
Once you wake up tomorrow you won't remember looking for me or finding me. You won't remember anything we talked about and you won't be able to read anything you wrote about me here. You won't even be able to read this letter to you.
May 22, 2013
I must have hit the bottle a little hard last night. Everything seems kind of fuzzy. I was hoping I could read over my notes to get an idea of what I learned, but I guess I was too drunk to write anything besides useless scribbles. But I know I got my story, though. I finally found that raccoon that's been knocking over garbage cans. It's not the hard hitting news I was hoping for like a band of teenage vandals looking for trouble, but at least I have my answers.
Now, maybe I can finally get some good sleep. I feel like I haven't slept in days. And whenever I do I have the same dream about the same woman. Black hair and blue eyes. Strange. Well, on to the next story I guess.
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2021.10.17 22:11 FrontpageWatch2020 [#251|+4545|104] Capriskickle [r/MakeMeSuffer]

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2021.10.17 22:11 Bull_Goose_Loon Looking for the name of a YTV Short

Hello y'all,
Amidst the old YTV shorts, somewhere between 1998-2003 (though I believe it was still amidst "Keep it Weird" programming) there was a strange, adult-ish "Sushi Bar" claymation that involved patrons and fish singing, then fish getting sliced and eaten, if I remember right. I always wondered where it was from, and was never able to find it online. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Did I make this up?
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2021.10.17 22:11 whydidilose Flex: AJ Brown or Alex Collins - 0.5 PPR

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2021.10.17 22:11 BinaryJared Super proud of my team <3

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2021.10.17 22:11 Ckodeii [CO-OP] [DS3] [PS4] Farron Keep NG+4

PW is newb
Just wanna get the scrolls, unlock the secret door, and take out the boss.
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2021.10.17 22:11 TheWeeklySpin - Chapter 113

Chapter 113:
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2021.10.17 22:11 ZuKeena_Hendrix "F25" No makeup, what do you think?😽

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2021.10.17 22:11 GdzOwnDrunk Bringing down the float?

Ok. So the DRS intent is to register the entire float and show the magnitude of jackassery by the MM’s, DTCC, SEC, etc. People have been registering GameStop (more so) and AMC for a while now. Shouldn’t we see some results at some point? I mean, should the free float number that we all see on our brokerage be dropping? Is there a regular update schedule? Or random? Or is it supposed to be a live number? I like the concept, but I think seeing that update (even partial numbers) would probably be enough to scare the shit out of shorts. So….
Wen float sink?
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2021.10.17 22:11 footpickle I’m fairly certain these are oysters but want a second opinion

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2021.10.17 22:11 XD0010 Ich aktiviere meine Fallenkarte: CLYMS TASTATUR

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2021.10.17 22:11 dallaschickensh1t Oslo - flam - Voss - Bergen trip ! Advice needed 🙏🏽

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2021.10.17 22:11 razzlerm What is this game ("red light, green light" in Squid Game) called in Ireland?

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2021.10.17 22:11 Curry0210 37 M4F Magnolia/The Woodlands

37 married looking for a friend with benefits. For some reason it won’t let me send pictures on here. If your interested you can message me on Snapchat and I’ll send pictures through there.
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2021.10.17 22:11 monkeyseed Could use some help

I just bought my son and daughter new phones, when I set them up I invited them on to the family library/play pass. Everything seems to be fine .... but I have run into some kind of glitch where my son can't access our family library. It show that he is part of the family and Play pass is on there, but when he is on the play store and goes to library there is no option for family library. On my daughters phone there is no problem. Can anyone help?
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