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tomorrow's promo!! do you think Jay might turn into the villain of the season? Better than sidey for sure.

2021.10.17 21:24 AK_no_JK tomorrow's promo!! do you think Jay might turn into the villain of the season? Better than sidey for sure.

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2021.10.17 21:24 Seraphymz Just started a mealworm farm any tips? More in comments

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2021.10.17 21:24 cjdb-ns Can political parties really give your Senate votes away?

I understand all states and territories to employ single-transferable vote for the Senate, which is a generalisation of preferential voting: if your first candidate doesn't get enough votes or they get more votes than necessary, your second preference kicks in, and so on, until you run out of numbered boxes (at which point I just assumed your vote was discarded).
While looking at videos on voting below the line for the Senate, I noticed that they all have a similar theme: "if you vote above the line, the party you vote can give your vote to someone else", including this ABC short. While typing this up, I reviewed the AEC's How the Senate result is determined, but I'm not picking up that vibe from their guide at all.
Since we've got exhaustive preferential voting for the House, I know that the only way for a party to "give" your vote away is if you follow their How-to-Vote card. Is this not the same when voting above the line for the Senate?
(Note: I posted this to Australia first, but it seems to have been auto-removed.)
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2021.10.17 21:24 Angela275 Milestone aniamted movies

The Milestone characters are now getting their own movies
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2021.10.17 21:24 AMIR_TM Fuck Belgium

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2021.10.17 21:24 Additional_Cash8598 Question

So I live in a place where there is two Mcdonalds very close to each other, and yesterday I got sick and had to call off. However, I called the wrong McDonald’s so they wrote me up for a no call no show. Will I get fired? And how badly will this affect my future jobs?
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2021.10.17 21:24 TrashClear483 Ok, that's good marketing

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2021.10.17 21:24 scottish_scribbler The Stolen Angel (part 2)

Chapter 11
With a shattering sound the overly sized gems fall to the ground with a crash, the ice door starts shaking and slowly splits the ice down the centre and it swings open. An ice cold blast hits us as we stand in front of a long tunnel. Stepping in and beginning our descent towards terraglac our floor is littered with skeletons, failing attempts at passing the warrior to freedom. I remind Diem how intelligent these humans are, to think about her every move before making it and to remember their heightened powers. For the first time I sense fear of her. “We have a job to do, that's it. Nothing more and nothing less. No matter what happens we do not leave until the job is complete then we move onto stage two" I tell her, looking deep into those eyes I feel her fear, taking her hand, I nod my head in a reassuring manner and carry on. The end of the cave appears ahead of us and we walk towards the edge, there is a fresh smell of sweet jasmine with the cold breeze. This continent has its own weather system generated from the power of the ice crystals, these crystals regulate with the earth's sun and moon. When the sun sets on the earth the moon appears, this darkness is reflected thru the ice crystals dimming their glow at night.
Cascading waterfalls leap over jagged mountain tops to an almost tropical landscape. Trees that resemble a monkey puzzle grow tall enough for the giants to climb, lakes deep enough for the most ferocious of creatures to live in roar throughout the length of the valley. Large creatures with four legs, long razor sharp beaks and almost fairy-like wings dive into the waters to collect their dinner. On the ground are herds of different animals gathering at the lakes edge, some large, some small, some are even massive but every one of them look vicious, all adapted to their environment through evolution. At the end of the roaring river in the distance is a bright kingdom, a place that has never made eye contact with another race, a place we must avoid. If by chance we are seen by any inhabitant of this land our plan will automatically fail. This has to seem like an act of nature. Diem and I make our way down and into this forbidden land, slowly passing the thirsty animals that are brave enough to drink from the lake, the smell of these beasts is as repulsive as a gatgips back passage. Just as we are about to enter the forest of overly sized trees a large animal, dark blue in colour, with what looks like a trunk with spikes, horns of crystal and six legs that are solid enough to withstand a fair force, gets attacked by a large lake creature. This creature, pouncing out of the depths of the dark water in a clean sweep swallows the six legged creature in one, landing at the edge it shuffles itself back into the dark depths again. Covered in red armour plates, teeth that resemble that of a piranha yet on a much larger scale, a tail covered in crystal spikes and razor sharp fins that glint in the light. When this creature gets free from this forsaken land it will easily be the alpha sea creature. A sight my own eyes even struggle to believe, a daunting thought of guilt streams through me as I think of what I am about to do, what I am about to unleash on the new world, the war I will cause, It all comes back to my hand, but I must proceed.
Chapter 12
As we enter this Forrest for giants we walk through a silver field of long luminous blue grass, the trees rise high above us, I run my hand along this ancient bark, my fingers reading each braille word of its life. This place is too nice for my liking, a false illusion to lead prey to their deaths, I am no prey. We carry on through the Forest until we come to the edge of a picturesque pool of crystal clear water, large water lilies make great landing pads for the Dragonflies, their neon colours burst through their clear wings reflecting rainbows over the water. Sparkles of treasures shimmer under the splashes of the roaring waterfall. I begin to think of the story of xipilli and the dragon mouth cave, what monsters lie beneath these fairy tale surroundings.
Diem stands staring at the waterfall, small pink fish with fairy looking wings rise out the water in schools of about twenty or thirty. She turns and looks at me, “we can't stop moving, this is all a decoy for what lays ahead” I tell her, there's a fire in her eyes that I am struggling to ignore, a lust in me that I need to control, always work first...always! We move on and Diem walks in front, her perfectly shaped figure balances perfectly atop the most peachiest arse cheeks ever designed, what I'd give to bite them right now. I feel myself harden at the thought, Diem turns and looks behind at me, locking eyes I wink, she smiles the cheekiest smile and cary's on.
There's a silence, no movement, no smell, just stillness. I whisper to Diem to stop, she turns and looks at me with a glint in her eyes, “prepare yourself" I whisper. Diem lifts her shoulders to her ears and forces them down, her skin bubbles inwards and changes into the ferocious warrior that she is. Her eyes sunken into a face made from nightmares, vicious serrated teeth in a mouth that's designed to penetrate stone, her nose is three triangular holes sunken into her oblong skull, her talons and impenetrable skin make her the planet's ultimate predator. Diems tail is strong enough to flip a train yet this is all petty armour against her barbaric tendencies, like a pitbull let off a lead Diem is a trained killer, with unique powers.
Diem smells the air and locks on to her target, a strong odour of cooked birds. The skin of these teradactales are like rubber, thick strong rubber that has an intoxicating aroma when mixed with it's boiling dinner bubbling away in the pit of its acid filled stomach. “creemanchin" I whisper and her trigger is pulled. As if i had just fired a gun Diem swoops around and charges like a raptor after her prey, her large talons piercing the soft soil below for extra grip, bending at her knees she crouches like a panther and leaps, pouncing through the air with a deadly ellagance and pins an invisible entity down to the ground with a thud. Hissing above it she holds it down until I arrive. “stand and reveal yourself, you are in the company of an esinil elder” I shout, and before me a man appears. This man could have fought by my side, with the height of an archangel and build of a warrior he definitely looks the part. “kreechish" and Diem backs off converting herself back into her lusciously seductive disguise.
Chapter 13
“name yourself at once" I order, but it just picks itself up of the ground and stands there, motionless staring at me “i have ordered you once and if i must a second you will live no more" my temper rising and pulsing through my skin, who does this creature think he is? How dare he disrespect a direct order from an esinil elder! Standing there all high and mighty thinking he's invincible. Diem stands back against one of the giants trees and as my eyes darken to black my enormous wings break free and take aim at their target. Droplets of blood drip from the tips of my feathers as they precisely aim at their prey “last chance, what is your…” “kittsmep is my name, i live in the woods of the giants and protect their forest, now tell me why an esinil elder would be trespassing in a forbidden land? If not for war then what do you seek?” it intervenes. I stare at him, my rage increasing, his perfect build and height would certainly make for a great archangel, “we are making our way to the base of the volcano … for research purposes” i try and fool him. “Nothing here is of concern to the ancient ones”. The plan states that there has to be no interruptions and if a complication occurs then elimination should be strongly considered. Last chance “can you point us in the direction of the volcanoes base please?” “ We were left here to die in a frozen box because our intelligence was becoming far superior than our creators. But we survived and we learned. The ancient prophecy states an apocalypse shall begin with the roar of the fire beasts, and now an elder appears seeking the beasts. I am enjoying my life and i am not prepared for war so no i will not give you directions to destroy my world”. My temper is short, i need to eliminate this complication. As I tense and prepare to fire Diem screams at me to stop, then from behind this irritating man a large creature, resembling a tiger pounces in front of him protecting his master.
I am eye level with this absurdly beautiful animal, it's skin is shimmering in waves, vibrant blue fur with emerald green tips that act like hackles, demonic eyes that look like they were ripped from the devil himself. As it snarls and roars this magnificent creature shows of his monstrous jaw and blood stained teeth, it's paws are larger than both my hands together and it's tail is deep purple with red tipped fur. Terarish. A rare breed, it is said to harness the souls of the ancient ones. This mighty beast once fought by fathers side at the beginning of the war, it could suck the being out of anything, quite like mercury. These forsaken beauties turned on their master and went rouge, then turned against themselves until there were only a few left, father sent them to earth to protect them. Let's test this theory out. My wings still aimed I begin to tense and turn to Diem “i am lucifer!'' I shout in my deep demonic voice. Diems face says it all, I turn back and the terarish roars like a dragon then bows, kittsmep does not. This terarish knows who I am. Kittsmep scowls at me like a disobedient child and shouts “i bow for no one” So i fire. “for the plan '' I whisper. He falls to the ground with a heavy impact causing the ground to tremble. The terarish bows its head, turns and pounces into the Forest.
Chapter 14
Finally arriving at the bottom of a large volcano we reach our spot. Standing roughly fifty steps from the base of this enormous mountain I begin to blast my way through the ground below. Not that far below the surface I make it to a lava tunnel. This land once had a mass of interlocking underground tunnels filled with molten lava. These tunnels all reach deep underground to the heart of the fire monsters, no volcanoes have erupted since the freeze though, they all lie dormant awaiting a spark to ignite their inner furnaces, and I am that spark.
I conjure an extremely large fire ball swirling in swoops of bolts of electricity, father would be proud. Throwing it into the tunnel I take a step back, spreading my wings I take a deep breath and then in slow motion the ball explodes, causing a backdraft of flames. Holding my arms out I embrace the waves of fire as they crawl along the walls and roof of the cave towards me, just like the crying souls in hell trying to fight their way home. Walking over the lava as it makes its way through the tunnel cremating every insect in its path. It feels like home. I've missed the seductive feeling of pain pulsing through my body as I walk in the lava, or the intense smell of cremating flesh, all aphrodisiacs for my demonic genes. I fade out reappearing standing with Diem. “Time to go” and I take her hand, pulling her close i fade us out, appearing at our entrance. Looking back at the once mesmerising landscape all that is seen is the smoke from the awakening fire beasts and the monsoon from the melting sky. The freezing water of the melting ice falls into the ocean, slipping below the warmer water on the surface giving all the deeper, larger monsters lurking in the shadows a cold path to follow to the top. Animals such as Dunkleosteus, this armoured beauty will rise to the top of the food chain and rule the oceans once more.
I squeeze Diems hand, as if to ask if she was ok, and she understands and smiles nodding her head. So i pull her close to my chest and hold her tight. “I am not your slave lucifer. I am mine and no one else's. I can break this contract with dad and leave at any point i wish, leaving you to fend for yourself. But i don't. I stay. I put up with your chauvinistic, authoritative, slave ruling ways but I believe that thru all the violence and abusive traits you have loved for so long that their is part of your father still in you. If I mean as much to you as you mean to me then you would at least treat me with the respect I deserve. I am thee ritchet elder and I deserve to be treated like it! Especially from you!” “then leave!” I snap and let her go. Before I fade out an enormous open mouth of another volcano begins to spray out molten lava. As much as i would love to stand and admire the beauty of an ancient civilisation breaking free and unveiling themselves to the modern world, i have the next part of the plan to deal with. This is to dangerous a situation to leave Diem in, if these early humans infiltrate a your mind it will take the information it needs and store it in their memory. The only problem is that information is then accessible for every other early human to access. Like a spider's web, so perfectly strung together that when a raindrop hits one point the vibration travels along every other strand until reaching the spider. Learning how to infiltrate the world through the failures of mankind. Diem knows to much about me so I grab her and fade us out to safety.
Chapter 15
We appear standing outside a rustic log cabin, situated in front of the most picturesque landscape in the area. A roaring river with galloping white horses cascades down from the enormous snow capped mountains, crashing into boulders of quartz as the unceasing torrent of water avalanches down through the vibrant green forest. The grey stone of the mountains and frozen white peaks contrast against the baby blue sky, sounds of elk and wolves echo in the distance. Yet again another magnificent creation that is as ancient as the ritchet holding my hand. We walk inside to find a couple in their early thirties standing talking, the man has quite a rugged appearance although obviously worked out, his wife had short bobbed black hair and was very beautiful. The protectors of the ring have chosen their disguises well. To the human eye they are a happily married couple with their own unique jewelry making business, to us they are the ancient protectors of inannas ring.
The man acknowledges us and makes his way over. We are here for the sacred ring of Inanna, we are both divine elders. The man bows and knows his place in our company. Inanna was an ancient Mesopotamian goddess associated with sex, war and justice. Her ring grants the wearer unprecedented power. Inanna, the queen of heaven. This god was one of fathers original god's. Inanna tried to conquer her sister's domain in the underworld. The queen of heaven verses the queen of the underworld. Sisters at each other's throats over a man, you see, inanna’s sister stole her husband and brought him to the underworld. Inanna arrived in front of her sister completely naked after passing the seven gates to the underworld, her sister attacked her and killed her, her corpse was placed on a hook and left for three days, but inanna had a plan. If she did not appear back by a certain time help was to be sent, and that it was. The god of waters and wisdom managed to slip two mourners into the underworld and feed Inanna the water and food of life. Inanna awoke and with the ring still on her finger. Inanna sees her husband, not mourning but sitting on a throne dressed in gold. She wanted him for herself. Inanna battled her sister, won her fight and she was granted her husband back, although the underworld judges ruled her guilty of treason and killed her. Her husband pleaded with the judges to bring his wife back and unbelievably they agreed. For every half of a year she would be granted access back to heaven, but, to do this one of her sisters would have to remain in the underworld as her replacement. Inanna agreed. Many moons later on one of her breaks to go home, Inanna attempted to conquer earth. Inanna was found out by the judges of the underworld, captured and placed in the realm of sins.
The man nods his head and calls for his wife, ushering us into a small room in the back of the cabin. A very antique looking room with jewelry hanging everywhere. Flowing over the vintage lamps, draping down picture frames of a time long gone, the oak dresser encrusted with vibrant jewels sits in front of a bay window laden with necklaces and bracelets. Each fine piece catches it's own ray of the sun and illuminates the room with blinding colours. A pirate's heaven.

Chapter 16
The very beautiful woman holds her hands out in front of her, pausing for a moment she takes a deep breath, exhaling slowly she taps on each colour as it shines into the room. A colorful code. Then before her a mirror sparkles into sight. A large, towering mirror encrusted in pearls and opals. The woman turns and offers me her hand and placing mine in hers she nods her head “follow me”. I step into the mirror and it ripples, like walking into a wall of water. As I step out at the other end I appear on an island. A floating island in the sky. As I look around there are lots of these islands floating across this plain. Each island is a unique habitat built to detain the most dangerous convicts ever created. These fierce creatures made the legends and myths spoken about on earth today. They are locked up for our safety as well as the humans.
We walk behind the open portal and stand at the edge of the island. Below us is darkness, a freefall that keeps falling, the sea of darkness keeps you locked inside for eternity. No escape. Even i can't come back from that kind of fall. I take a step back from the edge and allow the vertigo to ease. The woman is standing staring at me “you dare to judge an elder?” “No sir” she tilts her head and bows to me, “sorry sir i was merely concerned for your wellness” she exclaims. “Arise, the soil that has been trod on by these vile creatures is no place for such a beauty” I hold my hand out and she takes it, helping her to her feet, locking eyes with mine. Her eyes are dark and hollow, lifeless, reminding me that my eyes are locked with only the shell of a human. “Time to move” I say and she nods her head in agreement.
We walk to the edge and she waves her hand, a panel appears in front of her. The symbols are the words of the ancient ones. Pushing one symbol the panel disappears and in front of us a pathway appears leading to an island in front of us. The young woman turns and locks eyes with me, “This is as far as I may travel. Only those that truly desire the ring can see the pathway. If at any point your true desire changes, the pathway will vanish from below your feet". I nod my head and she returns home through the portal. One deep breath and I spread my wings, time for a short cut.
Chapter 17
Landing at the end of the long pathway i draw my wings back in. I am confronted with a flowing wall of ancient magic. Waves of crystal blue power surge through the barrier. These walls are impenetrable and act like a magnet. I will either be pulled through the waves safely to the other side, or the power will repel me and kill me. Not many have been worthy enough to pass the wall and no one has ever beaten inanna. Until now.
I stand in front of the luring waves, their hypnotic motions draw me in closer revealing the depth of the wall. Reaching my arm in I watch as it vanishes before my eyes, I can feel the nipping sensations as it tests to see if I am worthy or not. Then a sharp tug pulls me closer, I am then grabbed by the crystal blue waves and pulled at a hyper speed thru the wall and thrown out on the other side, the force was enough to break a palm tree that protected my landing. I calm my breathing and take a second to compose myself. I look back at the wall, this ancient magic judged me worthy of a meeting with it's captive. I don't know if I should be feeling privileged or petrified. I turn around and take in the magnificent beauty of the landscape. A desert that stretches as far as i can see, small tornadoes race over the enormous sand dunes. Looking up from the horizon, spread across a starlit sky, is the most phenomenal aurora borealis. I begin my descent down the massive mound of sand. This must be the second most tranquil place I have ever been. Completely alone with the sounds of my thoughts. Then I hear something, a familiar sound, a muffleing of the sounds I have already recognised. It has been a long time since I have smiled a real smile.
I make my way up the sand dunes for a better view of the place. Galloping down towards me, in a scene that should be captured for movies, there is a lion. Charging towards me. Not just any lion, this is thee lion of all lions. Nemean. He is over twice the size of the evolutionized lions on earth, fed by the goddess of the moon herself, his skin is impenetrable and his paws are the size of my chest. This creature was once a fierce warrior and protector. Hercules killed him with his bare hands and wore his skin as armour. Nemean then seeked revenge after losing his being, roaming the earth as a demon lion filled with vengeance. At the time of his rage driven killing spree Inanna also tried to conquer the earth. So they worked together, as a team, manipulating and destroying nations. Two of the most dangerous and legendary convicts at the peak of their power, were then caught and trapped here for eternity. Riding upon Nemeans back is the Queen of heaven. Inanna. Dressed in emerald green armour plates upon a slim petite body, her long plaited blonde hair bounces over her shoulders as Nemean makes his way closer, carrying her bow and arrow she is dressed for war.
Chapter 18
As the two charge towards me they begin to slow down, a charging gallop is now a gentle trot. The gentle trot slows to an abrupt stop and Inanna jumps down. The queen of heaven is standing in front of me, staring at me, not moving. What is only seconds feels like an eternity when looking at an ancient power straight in the eye, most would shatter under the pressure of her gaze. I am the first ancient to break the rules of both my fathers.
Both creators made a painful pact to always abide by the two laws. By shaking hands and bearing the pain of the other's power the pact was sealed. The two laws are:
Neither creator shall kill the other.
No creation shall kill another creation from the same side.
I am blessed enough to be from both sides so I can kill who or what I choose.
Lowering her head she turns quickly and looks to her left. Nemean sinks his majestic maine into his massive shoulder blades, lowering his head and bending his robust legs he snarls and shows off his enormously impressive teeth as he lets out his thunderous roar. Inanna stands staring at nothing, her figure appears to fade in and out of focus. She is capable of transforming herself into your one true love. This is usually the vision of the conqueror's wife and it works as a distraction.
Then she turns and stares at me again, confusion shows in her eyes and I will admit I am feeling nervous. She unties her hair and as it flows down her back, the beautiful blonde turns to a dark brown, her emerald green armour turns into a pair of tight black leather trousers and an off the shoulder cream top. I have no idea who this human is? She looks so plain and powerless, a very good example of a stereotypical human woman. I am completely drawn back and confused. If Inanna changes to your one true love and I have no idea who this human is..whose love is she? She charges towards me, catching me off guard and as if in slow motion she lunges above me, raising her arm out in front of her and a bright purple bolt of magic explodes from her hands in my direction and i lock eyes with her.
Dropping her invisibility, my hidden bodyguard pounces in front of Inanna knocking her down to the ground, they both fall into a roll and are on their feet again in seconds. Diem stops, as if in shock. She turns to me and whispers “I can't”, her eyes filling up. She just stands staring at me, Inanna raises her bow and arrow and draws it back aiming at Diem “You are not worthy of my blood" Inanna screams. Diem takes a deep breath as Inanna shoots an arrow straight through her chest.
Inanna lowers her bow and steps back, her head held high. I roar with anger and charge at her, my wings spread to their full span firing as i pounce into the air. Innana crosses her arms and tries to cast a protection shield but she is too late. My first feather hits her directly between the eyes. I shut my eyes and everything slows down, dropping to the ground my rage filled body heats up as I walk towards her, my anger feels like wildfire ripping me apart. My feathers are almost frozen in time, elegantly moving through the air towards their target. I knock them one by one to the ground as I walk through them. Standing in front of this human woman I look down at her. I feel nothing apart from hatred. This is Inanna, she hurt my one true love and that's pissed me off! But I have my orders. So I abide by them and remove the ring from her finger and she slowly bit by bit starts to fade away.
To my right nemean is in mid air pouncing towards me. His majestic maine runs down his neck to his broad muscular shoulders, his eyes are ferocious and his talons are gleaming. Walking over I stop in front of him. A red cave hiding silent white killers is hovering at my eye level, his snarled up nose causes deep gorges in his skin, his eyes are like glass balls that have captured the sun, beautiful, yet sunken deep behind warriors wounds that tell a darker story. Now I know the real reason no one has ever returned from here.
I raise my hand and open a portal in front of him, the other end of the portal opens above the sea of darkness. Such a simple way to kill a legend, I almost feel remorse. I run to Diem, falling to the ground beside her and holding her tightly in my arms. My wings embrace her, protecting her, my one true love. She locks her eyes with mine, “Inanna wasn't manifesting as my love...it was yours” i sigh. Time returns as my first ever teardrop runs down my cheek. Love is such a deep emotion. Diem tries to speak, her massive eyes filling with tears “Asteria ” she sighs and fades away before my eyes. Gone. Never coming back. Never to be seen again. I pick the arrow up from the ground and put it in my armour. Is this plan worth my sanity? Is it worth losing my companion? I need to get my thoughts together. I take a deep breath, spread my wings and fly straight through the wall of magic, across the bridge and through the portal tumbling out at the other side into the rainbow filled room. The young man quickly grabs me and helps me to my feet. The young woman begins closing the portal “what about your friend?” she shouts above the noise of the swirling mirror, I shake my head and she closes it.
Chapter 19
I escape from the house and fall to my knees, "FATHER!" I roar. Looking up to the sky expecting to hear his voice, or even a sign that he's listening, but there's nothing. There is only the sound of nature. Presumption is the mother of all fuck ups as they say down here, i was wrong to presume that he would care.
I am alone. No one to take orders from. No plan to fulfil. I can make my own destiny. I have the ring.
I walk back into the cabin and on the television is a breaking news report. "Three tribal men have infiltrated the president of America's oval room and are holding the president hostage. No demands have been made yet. 6 are dead, 6 are critical in hospital and 15 are wounded. CCTV footage of the oval room shows the four men alive at present." I wondered what they had planned now they are free, i never expected that so fast. Anyway "Who is Asteria?" I ask.
"Asteria is the original fallen star. She was created very early on in the creations list, a combination between God and Atheds powers. Although, it is said that during the creation process there was a heated argument between your fathers, this made their powers more aggressive and thus giving asteria more power than the other creations. Once both of your fathers realised that they had created something that could turn on them and potentially kill them both they sent her to a planet created at the start of time, one of the first planets created by both your fathers. Cancri. This planet is basically a massive rotating diamond, as beautiful as this sounds it is virtually impossible to enter or escape. Your fathers worked together and penetrated the planet's atmosphere, asteria was left there with no way of escaping. It is said that asteria created her own race of beings and that she has been trying to escape by using them as experiments on breaking the atmosphere." I stand staring at the man, why did I not know about her? Why was she never mentioned? And why did Diem say her name? "How do I find her?" I eventually ask. The man glances at his partner and then sighs “Asteria escaped from Cancri two days ago. She was last seen here on Earth earlier this morning. If her intentions are to seek vengeance on your fathers then there is every possibility that she will succeed.” The man holds out his hand “may I see the ring sir?” i have grown to trust this couple so i slide the ring of my finger and pass it to him. He nods his head and then turns to his wife. They clasp their hands together with Inannas ring between them and it starts to glow. The room starts shaking, old antique books fall to the ground causing ancient dust to fill the air. A strong smell of jasmine fills the room and the couple scream and yell, still gripping their hands tightly together, then bang! A massive blinding light engulfs the room and knocks me to my feet. Then everything stops. I pull myself to my feet and the couple are gone. Left in place of them is Inannas ring, glowing. The couple sacrificed themselves to the ring, giving it their powers. If i am going to take down Asteria i'm going to need all the power i can get. Or do i join her? I grab the ring and leave.
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2021.10.17 21:24 AutoNewspaperAdmin [ZA] - Former Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo launches new party, vows to stay in politics | IOL

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2021.10.17 21:24 blakkouttbarbiee My kids at my mother in laws house! She has it like this year round! The inside too!

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2021.10.17 21:24 coolbutclueless Ive been playing through steam, but I have xbox gamepass which has some of the expansions. Is there any way to play them without reinstalling through gamepass?

So like the tittle says. I was playing destiny 2 through steam and wanted to play through some of the campains. I Don't want to buy some of them since they are just going to get vaulted soon, but they are available on gamepass which I have.
is there any way to keep my character and continue playing through steam to access them or do I need to reinstall using the xbox app?
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2021.10.17 21:24 Brazilians_ I never watched Evangelion

Hello weird people I want to know from where I start to watch I believe the series got a reboot by Amazon right?
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2021.10.17 21:24 Express-Fan6996 ¿Han probado el Clonazepam?

Consumo clonazepam oral desde hace dos meses, realmente lo quiero dejar, siento que está lastrando tanto mi vida escolar como personal. ¿Experiencias o consejos para dejarlo? Saludos!
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2021.10.17 21:24 contrasterotica BBC slut Leah Lee kissing brickzilla's massive cock

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2021.10.17 21:24 funyesgina Nothing to sneeze home about

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2021.10.17 21:24 coleyeezus GTA V Premium Edition [EPIC GAMES]

price is $5 USD (~4€)
payment method: BTC (or other crypto), paypal
you obviously get full access to everything, so if you're interested DM me here on Reddit
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2021.10.17 21:24 LRBStudious I recreated the Long Halloween Posters in LEGO, unfortunately they don't match up perfectly but I'm proud of them!

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2021.10.17 21:24 Temporary123AbcD Second date tips?

Dear reader, recently had a first date with a really cute girl. Was a bit awkward the first 10-15 minutes but afterwards we talked non-stop for 4 hours, she even asked me for a second date! However there was no touching on the first date as I did not want to rush into things. I would like to get more physical the second date, any tips on how to know when the time is right? I have been out of the dating scene for quite some time now..
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2021.10.17 21:24 Revolutionary-Ad4204 HELP NEEDED. How much time Ebay takes to ship from USA to India?

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2021.10.17 21:24 Expensive_Ad_5248 Dorses

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2021.10.17 21:24 reddit_feed_bot RealJamesWoods: I gave you the wrong answer in my previous, now deleted, reply. I posted the correct answer in the tweet below. https://t.co/USD0NEBvwC

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2021.10.17 21:24 illyriandescendant Just started playing Brawlhalla and hit 5400 coins, what legend do I buy?

I bought Val but he really wasn't meant for my gameplay, refunded him now looking for a legend that i wont regret buying.
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